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The Taylor Snerf Watch Monologue

The Taylor Snerf Watch by MJ Ferruzza
Character: Girl
Gender: Female
Age (range): 13 - 17
Style: Comedy
Length: 1 Minute


Girl: Ask me what time it is. Go ahead.
Ask me what time it is!
 What time is it? You mean... on my new watch?
 I just got it. I saved up for it for months.
 It is the exact same watch Taylor Snerf wore
 in her music video... the dance one... at the party...
 with all those cute guys.
 You know... in that scene in the kitchen... where she
 opens the fridge to get out the veggie platter. She is
 so Vegan... and so am I... I hate meat and things.
 Well.. if you watched real close... she was wearing
 this exact watch... AND... she wore it again on the TV
 Music Awards when she was playing the guitar and
 singing that song about saving the uh... fish... whales...
 dolphins... whatever.
 This watch is an original. That’s what the lady in the
 mall said. Just Taylor and I have this exact watch
 style.. the fakes out there don’t have initials on the
 stem like this one. Cool, huh?
So... ask me what time it is! It’s... 3:30! Sweet, huh?
 What? It can’t be... my watch says 3:30... and this
 watch is brand new and... not working! Wait! It’s
 broken! Arrrrgh... I paid $200 for this hunk of junk...
 I hate that Taylor Snerf... Let’s go get a burger!

Published with permission from MJ Ferruzza. For more information, please visit: The Creative Talent Workshop