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A Broken Family, A Broken Heart Monologue

A Broken Family, A Broken Heart by Alyssa Frost
Character: Tara
Gender: Female
Age (range): 12-16
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info:Tara and her father are neglected by her mother. She has her million boyfriends to keep her busy. One of them scares Tara. She has a right to be scared of him... Tara's a bit mad.

I don't think my wounds will ever heal. (Looks up) I have plenty of them. On the outside, AND the inside. I never really knew her, yet I loved her. My mother never loved me back, though. I adored my father too. Unlike my mother, he was always around. It seemed like he always had time for me. Mother was always away, burying herself in work or out with some guy. My father knew about these strange men, but loved my mother far too much to do anything about it.

Sometimes Mother brought them over when she knows Father won't be home. She must have had hundreds of them. I knew she was unfaithful, and yet, I could not help but admire her. Her beautiful golden curls were soft and silky to touch. Her face perfectly symmetrical. She was forever confident, forever decisive. I wish I were more like her. (Tears roll down Tara's cheeks) But now, all I have left to admire are her old photographs, all with a different guy in them. I think Father is going crazy. He can't stand the thought of life without her. He says he's going to commit suicide. I know he won't go without me, though. I understand how he feels. It was so horrible.

That man was so scary, with his tattoos and piercings. I think Mother was secretly afraid of him. If you had seen him, you would've been terrified too. He always beat her, always shouted at her. He threatened to kill her if she ever dared leave him. I always hid in my room when that man came over. He didn't know about me and Father. Mother didn't tell him. She never tells any of them. That day, she brought him home and he saw us, Father and I. (Dramatic Pause) He used our chopper.

(Eyes flaring, angry and defensive, fists balled, jaw clenched) (Hisses) You think Mother is an idiot. You think Father should have left her ages ago. (Screams madly) I just KNEW it! Everyone says that! None of you get it! She was the greatest mother in the world! And the most beautiful by far! You're all just jealous! (Tara's voice suddenly drops to a whisper) You're all just jealous...