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What You Wish For Monologue

What You Wish For by Kendra Richards
Character: Kara
Gender: Female
Age (range): 13-18
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Background Info: A girl named Kara is lost in a social life. Her voice is monotone, and sort of depressed. She's one of those girls lost in a social scene, and envying the popular girl.

So, she's got this long blond hair that waves in the wind. Her eyes dart, from your skirt to your shirt all the way to your flip flops. You can tell everything she's thinking from her eyes. If your skirts too short or too long her eyes will move up to the length and she'll give a look of disgust.

If she doesn't like your shirt her eyes will linger on it while you're watching her. They'll stay there, and she'll stare at it. Her eyes almost seem to hiss. She knows exactly how to make you feel bad. If she thinks your flips flops or shoes are ugly, she'll walk by you with a group of friends and hiss "nice shoes." She's one of those types of girls, that doesn't have to do much to make you cry.

The worst part is, sometimes I want to be her. She's always with a group of friends, taunting people and laughing. It's like they have fun being a bitch. Of course, she's so popular. She's so much like one of those types of girls you envy. She's so skinny, and her hair is perfect. All the guys stop and stare or whistle when they see her. I wish I was her. Too bad I'm just Kara, not that popular girl that everyone seems to notice.