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Original Piece Monologue

Original Piece by G.E.
Character: Asterick
Gender: Female
Age (range): Teens
Style: Drama
Length: 4 minutes


Background Info: Asterick is in her bedroom. She has just gotten home from a date with a new guy from school, and he had just asked her out that night. She thinks she's in love with him, and has accepted. She is laying down on her back on her bed thinking.

He's so wonderful. Perfect even. He plays on the baseball team, gets good grades, is polite, and just everything you could ever want. I can't believe he asked me out of all the girls at school to be his girlfriend. I mean why wouldn't he? Sure I'm not the prettiest girl, and I'm probably not the smartest, but I'm pretty decent looking and not brain dead. I still can't believe it though. I'm pretty lucky to have a boy like that in love with me, and of course I love him.

It's going to be so nice knowing that someone loves me, and will hold me when i'm upset, and make all of my problems go away. I feel I could marry him tomorrow. That's how much I love him. I would trust him with my life. (short pause, sits up alert) Or could I? How much do I really know about him? I've never met his parents and I guess I don't know what he does out of school, after practice, or when he's not with me. What if he's a two-timer? Telling me he loves me and kissing me while, at the same time, making plans to go out with some other girl after he's dropped me off. I don't know his motives. Does he really love me? Or is he saying it to get into my pants?

What if all his perfection is just an act? I don't know how I would be able to tell, I haven't seen him as anything else. I haven't met his parents or his siblings, and I guess to be honest I don't know where he lives. Does he like animals? Is he a perfect son? Does he have any interests out of school, baseball, parties, and girls? I couldn't tell you. (sits back a little more relaxed) What am I getting so excited about? I don't know if any of that awful stuff is true. Why would he lie to me? He's so nice and wonderful I can't imagine him being a liar. He's never done anything to make me distrust him or to hurt me. True, I've only known him for a month, but isn't that enough time to know someone and trust them completely? Yes, yes of course it is!

I'm so silly at times. (becomes a little perplexed) Then again, maybe it's really not. What am I talking about? I'm confusing myself now. Why must I ruin something so good by thinking about it. I guess I'll sleep on it and worry about it later. But...I guess the truth is, if you asked me who I'm in love with. I wouldn't be able to tell you.