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Original Play Monologue

Original Play by Aurora Rooker
Character: Jessica
Gender: Female
Age (range): Teens
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Background Info: Jessica is talking about her crush, Cameron. They've been talking for a few weeks, and now she realizes her gigantic crush on him. But she feels like this is a guy that she can never possibly have. In the end, this monologue is what comes of it.

I've been thinking about him for so long. He never even notices me. I do everything possible, and still, unnoticed. What is it that I do wrong? Is it my style? Is it the way I talk? Or is it the fact that I always end up falling for the guy that I can never possibly have? I mean, he's so flawed, that he's almost perfect. Everything about him is so beautiful, so untouchable. I mean, there's nothing that you can't like. His view on life is amazing, he's so talented, and though he keeps it hidden underneath the person that when you see him, you feel like you could never know, is very smart.

But he kind of wears a mask. He disguises himself as someone else, and reels you in and then unleashes this perfect person after you've become friends. He's so perfect, that I ended up falling for him. But who could blame me? I mean his eyes, his smile, and everything, it's all perfect. But I feel like he'll never love me. No matter how hard I try, I'm never good enough. But who is? When an angel drops out of heaven and bumps his head once, you get Cameron.