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Original Piece Monologue

Original Piece by Jessica Tyson
Character: Jessi
Gender: Female
Age (range): 17-20
Style: Comedy
Length: 5 minutes


I hate darkness, so many things can go wrong. Well, not really, that just sounded really clever, and I needed a good opening for my story, well anyways. My story, well to put it bluntly is about my well, my 'first time'.

Now like most 16 year olds my age, I had friends that had 'done it', and my boyfriend and I thought we were ready to take the 'plunge', and as usual I was curious. In search of answers, I went to my best friend Kaitlyn. Now Kaitlyn is a wild and crazy girl, who has done lots of 'stuff', so I figured she'd know a little about 'it'. So I asked her, and she told me all about it! Well, her first time at least.

(In a New York-ish voice) "Well, it was so awesome. We were there together, in each other's arms. It was a clear night and we could see the whole city. And after a bit we started getting all outta breath, and in a matter of minutes... WHAP! It happened, man I screamed like there was no tomorrow. It was the biggest rush ever and the best feeling in the world! It was like um... well, it was like... (gets an idea) kicking Death in the ass while singing, yeah. Then we started going up and down and up and down, then it was over. It feels like hours, but really, it's done in a few minutes. But Jess, it takes so much outta you, however, if you're up for it, you can 'do it' two, three, four times a night!

(In normal voice) Oh my God! I thought 'it' sounded so great, but I wanted another perspective. So after much contemplating, I asked my buddy Dave. Now Dave was a rebel if I'd ever seen one; so he had to know about 'it'. (In a semi deeper over-excited voice) "It's awesome! It's a rush, its just well... great! I think everyone should do it! The only flaw I see is that you have to wear what I like to call a 'safety harness'. Man that baby is constricting, but we don't want any slip-ups, right? None of us are ready for the consequences, let me tell you!"

(In normal voice) Well, now I had heard it from both sides, and learned about protection, I felt it was time to clue my honey in on my knowledge. When I told Brad, he was happiest I'd ever seen him, except for that one time we um... well... ahem, back to the story. Anyway, he was so excited he asked if we could 'do it' that night! And of course I said yes, I mean who would turn that offer down, huh? So anyways, it's like eleven o'clock at night when we arrived at the place that would forever be engraved into my memory as 'the spot I did it at'. So we you know, 'got ready'. Brad put on the safety harness, and for extra protection I wore one too. He held me so tight I couldn't breathe for like a few seconds, and he totally flattened my wannabe boobies. After about two or three minutes, it happened, and holy crap was Kaitlyn right! It was the biggest rush I had ever had. And the feeling was unimaginable. We did the whole bobbing thing, then it was over.

We 'did it' about three or four time that night. I think it was two or three in the morning before we got home, and man was I sore. Even though it was painful, that was not the last time I 'did it', let me tell you. What? Oh my God what did you guys think I was talking about? Oh, that's so gross. I was talking about my first time bungee jumping with my boyfriend, not having sex, perverts!