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Unpublished Monologue

Unpublished by Nichole Turick
Character: Sarah
Gender: Female
Age (range): Teen-Late 20s
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: Sarah, a teenager, has just come home from school and her mother is sitting on the couch and asks her why she looks so upset. Sarah looks back upon her school day and then looks at her mom and starts to go off.

What do you do when everything becomes too much? When all you want to do is cry and crawl into a dark corner, but you can't because you seem to have run out of tears, and anyplace you try to hide they find you. Does it ever become too much to handle? Do you ever feel like everyone is suffocating you and you just need some space to breathe but you can never find the space and so you collapse, not physically but emotionally, you close up inside not letting anyone become close to you pushing away everyone in fear they'll just hurt you like everyone else?

Do you ever feel that you are a burden to everyone around you and that your friends only hang around because they pity you, not because they're your true friends, Do you ever feel abandoned? You feel so abandoned that you end up abandoning yourself? So your body now is just an empty thing walking around aimlessly, while your soul is just there? And your body takes over a new identity and you walk around smiling at everyone making them think nothing is wrong, and pretty soon everything starts to change, all of a sudden you have friends, and you have a boyfriend and cute clothes, nice hair, and everything is great.

Your body has a great life but what about your soul? You sold your soul to these materialistic animals who thrive on dragging innocent people into a world of devious lies horrible hatred and devilish deceit. It gets so bad that one day you look in the mirror and you don't recognize yourself, under all of that make-up and blonde hair, and the fake smile everything about you is fake, so you turn away from your reflection and you try to get the horrible image of yourself out of your head but you cant so you turn back to the mirror and you scream while throwing everything you can find straight towards the mirror, and then you slide down against the walls, the tears come pouring out, do you know what that's like? No, of course you don't. You could never know what its like to feel like this.