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Under Siege Monologue

Under Siege by G.L.Horton
Character: Tina
Gender: Female
Age (range): Teen-20s
Style: Drama
Length: 3 minutes


Background Info: Tina, teen-20's, the daughter of recent immigrants, reveals to her abortion counselor that she is a date rape victim.

Oh, God. I tried. No one will believe me. I never meant this--. I was going to stay a virgin. I told him no, but he kept on. He tore my dress, he hurt me. That was the only time. I was frightened, so I let him. But I should have fought. It'll never happen again, believe me. No! I can't do that! You could call it rape. But I can't go to the police, like he's a criminal. It was my fault too. I went out with him, I was in his car. I let him think I was that kind of girl.

Yes, I said no! I cried, I begged him. But by then he wouldn't listen. I'd thought, just a kiss or two, what does it matter? Give him that, he'll be satisfied. But I should have stopped him. Kicked him, jumped out-- I was a fool! But I can't accuse him. He's family! No, not incest! He's my cousin's cousin. That's who introduced us. My cousin said he was lonely, and depressed because they could send him back if he doesn't find a wife who's a citizen. So I should have been more careful, to save myself for marriage. Marry with him? I would never marry him! I hate him! He says if I tell, if my parents find out, they will force me. To be his wife. But before I would do that I would kill myself. Or him! I would kill him!