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Designated Mourner Monologue

Designated Mourner by Wally Shawn
Character: Judy
Gender: Female
Age (range): 30s-40s
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Background Info: This is the opening monologue from the play. Her husband becomes very mentally ill and never told her he loved her.

I guess the search for more refined forms of punishment never come to an end. After all there are so many ways life can be squeezed out of a human body. Can a method be found that is more in keeping with the essential sweetness of our human nature? A rather crewl queen once plaintively asked or so it is said.

I loved him so much it was a kind of torture. Every morning, waiting, watching his face in those squirming long moments of sleep and half sleep as he turned and stretched. I watched him wake up, the squirming stilled. I touched his face, his neck, his mouth, kissed him, one hand lying deep in his hair oily and thick.

The one thing he would say, the word he couldn't stand, love. I love you.