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The Last Night of Ballyhoo Monologue

The Last Night of Ballyhoo by Alfred Uhry
Character: Sunny
Gender: Female
Age (range): 20s
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Background Info: Sunny is from one of the less wealthy families in town, and is less drawn in by the southern traditions than her cousin Lala. This doesn't mean she is completely unaffected by them. Here she is explaining to Joe, a Jewish man from New York, why she sees nothing wrong in her family owning a Christmas tree. This revelation of an earlier prejudice is made all the more interesting in that Sunny tries to cover up how much it hurt her, though she does briefly let her guard down once or twice.

Everyone I know has a Christmas tree. It doesn't mean we're not Jewish. Look, I could call myself Sunny O'Houlihan and everyone around here would still know exactly what I am. Listen, the summer between sixth and seventh grade my best friend was Vennie Alice Sizemore. And one day she took me swimming at the Venetian Club Pool. Her parents were members. So we were with a whole bunch of kids from our class and the boys were splashing us and we were all shrieking- you know- and pretending we hated it, when this man in a shirt and tie came over and squatted down by the side of the pool and he said "Which one is Sunny Frietag?" and I said I was, and he said I had to get out of the water. And Vennie Alice asked him why and he said Jews weren't allowed to swim in the Venetian pool. And all the kids got very quiet, and none of them would look at me. So, I got out of the pool and phoned Daddy at his office. When he came to get me all the color was drained out of his lips.