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Sticky Situation Monologue

Sticky Situation by Marah Refety
Character: Mera
Gender: Female
Age (range): Teens
Style: Comedy
Length: 5 minutes


Background Info: Mera is an outgoing teenage girl who loves playing matchmaker. Usually every thing works out but this time things get switched around.

(The phone rings and she picks up) Hello? (Beat) Oh hey Lisa! What’s up? (Beat) So, are you going to the dance this Friday? (Beat) What, you're not going? Why not? (Beat) Who cares if you don't have a date? You have 2 days till Friday! Oh, hang on Lisa, I have another call coming in. (Push button on phone) Mera here, talk to me. (Beat) Brad, hey! How you doin'? (Beat) What? You like Lisa! Ohmigosh this is so cool! (Beat) Uh, no, I haven't herd from Lisa in a while. Oh, uh, Brad? Hang on. Uh, I, I think I, um, smell smoke!

(Push button on phone) Lisa? Eek! You'll never guess who that was! (Beat) Brad! Yeah! He says he likes you! This is so awesome! Hang on, kay? (Push button on phone) Brad? Still there? (Beat) Oh the smoke... uh musta been my imagination. Anyways... (Beat) Yeah, sure. I'll ask Lisa if she likes you next time I talk to her! So, are you going to the dance? (Beat) Oh! That will be great! (Beat) No! I promise every thing you've said will never leave this conversation! But hang on one sec; my dog's lifting its leg!

(Push button on phone) Lisa? Ohmigosh Brad just said he's going to ask you to the dance! (Beat) Yeah, this so cool cause Brad is a total hottie! (Beat) Hold that thought. (Push button on phone) Brad? (Beat) Oh, yeah. The dog! Uh, I pushed him outside just in time! (Laugh nervously) Yeah. But anyways, I'm sure she will defiantly say YES! (Beat) Oh, really, that so sweet! Uh, Brad, can you hang on for a few; my last beverage is going right through me!

(Push button on phone) Lisa? Anyways, yeah, he says you are the prettiest girl at school! (Beat) I know that is like sooo sweet! Oh great, someone's calling in on the third line hang on! (Push button on phone) Summers residence. (Beat) Oh, Grandma! How are you sweetie? (Beat) Oh that's great! I've been doing fine. And school is going steady! But I'm kind of busy right know, Grandma, so can I call you back in a few? (Beat) Okay, I love you Grandma! Bye!

(Push button on phone) Uh Brad I got ta go! See you at school tomorrow! (Push button on phone) That was my Grandma. But who cares? Lets get back to Brad! He is such a babe! You are so luck Lisa! If he wasn't so for you, he would be the perfect guy! Oh and when he asks you to the dance, act surprised cause I told him you would never know a thing that we talked about.. (Giggle) This is so awesome! Oh! What are you going to wear? Maybe I can come over and help you pick out the perfect out fit! (Beat) Lisa? (Beat) Oh! (Laugh nervously) Wait, this is Brad! BRAD! Ohmigosh! Yeah I don't think she suspects a thing! (Beat) But don't be surprised if she says YES! (Beat) I uh . . . I Got ta go! (Push button on phone) OOOPPS!!