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Original Piece Monologue

Original Piece by Danica Herbert
Character: Chrissy Jones
Gender: Female
Age (range): Teens
Style: Drama
Length: 2 minutes


Background Info: This is a girl that had expectations of becoming something in her future.Not too out spoken or quiet.She has an urban kind of accent going on and she is on her way home because she had a half day. She is explaining how she died.

One day me and my friend Carmen were walkin' home from school, it was early, elementay school always get half days, of course the drug dealers were on the corner (even though they shoulda been in school). They were havin' an argument about someone stealin' someone's bag. Me and Carmen we aint pay them no mind we just went in the store like we usually do to get our candy and chips.

We were comin' out the store and heard yellin' and a sound as loud as thunder and the next thing I knew I was lyin face down on the ground surrounded by a puddle of blood and then I remember hearin' someone say "she's gone". If only these guys woulda been in school this woulda never happened. These guys don't even realize that they took the life of a daughter, sister, friend, and student all at once. Know what I wanted to be when I got older? I wanted to be a police officer so I could take all the bad guys like drug dealers off the streets, aint it funny that the same people I wanted to stop took my life?! I mean they took everything all my hopes, my dreams, gone;just like that, as fast as a speeding bullet.