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Links to Other Acting Related Sites...

We've search high and low around the internet to find other sites we think will help your acting career. Below is a list of the ones we've found so far. By the way, did we mention we searched high and low?

Know of a site or resource that's helpful to the acting community? Let us know and we'll consider adding it here.

Job Boards/Casting

Disney Jobs & Casting - The official job board for Disneyland. They have both casting and hourly jobs


Internet Movie Database (IMDB) - Huge site for just about all things related to movies

AMC Film Site - Excellent site for cinematic history


Monologue Audition - Practical tips from a pro to learn how to master any audition

Monologue Archive - get your fix of monologues from classical plays and other playwrights

Soliloblog - Rick Tran injects style and personality in his site dedicated to all things monologue. By the way, the site's name is actually a play on the words "soliloguy" and "monologue".

The Monologue Database - hundreds of monologues for men and women from various resources

Movie Scripts

Script Shack - Tons of movie scripts for sale

Internet Movie Script Database - Searchable database of hundreds (maybe thousands) of movie scripts

Drew's Script-o-rama - Nice selections of film and tv scripts from a really cool guy

Simply Scripts - Has a wide selection of screenplays and movie scripts

Daily Script - For the avid script reader. Has both PDF and HTML formats available

Networking and Collaboration

Stage 32 - The Social Network (think Facebook!) for film, television, and theatre creatives. The community allows you to gather, discuss and develop projects with other actors, directors, and producers.

School Directories (Acting & Film)

About Film Schools - Directory of film schools around the world


Theatre History - For actors who love history; this site features tons of historical information about the ancient theatre. Includes information about the history of the theatre in other countries.

The Theatre Database - Excellent source of information on ancient theatre and writers

Other Helpful Resources

Line Buddies - Need someone to help you run and learn your lines? Line Buddies offers a professional and safe "virtual space" for actors and actresses to help rehearse their lines. Pretty cool, huh?

Resumé Companion - Provides a nice collection of Acting Resumé examples. You can even build one for free.