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How To Train Your Dragon Movie Script

Writer(s) : Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders

Genres : Adventure, Animation, Comedy

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                            HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON


                                   Written by

                         Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders

                                                           Final Draft
                                                     February 13, 2010


                         FADE IN:


          We skim above a dark, wild ocean. The camera turns toward a
          lone island, Berk. It is a gigantic shard of rock jutting
          straight out of the water.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          This, is Berk. It's twelve days
          North of hopeless, and a few
          degrees South of freezing to death.
          It's located solidly on the
          meridian of misery.
          The camera drifts over rolling hills to reveal a small
          village nestled on an outcropping of sea mounts.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          My village. In a word, sturdy.
          And it's been here for seven
          generations, but every single
          building is new.
          The camera drifts closer, circling.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          We have fishing, hunting, and a
          charming view of the sunsets. The
          only problems are the pests. You
          see, most places have mice or
          mosquitos. We have...
          Sheep graze peacefully on a hillside. Suddenly one is

                         CUT TO:


          A door is pulled open... as a DRAGON swoops directly toward
          it, BLASTING FIRE. The door is SLAMMED. The fire shoots
          through the slats of wood, illuminating HICCUP, a gangly
          teenage Viking.



          He reopens the sizzling door, as leaps off of the front
          porch. He weaves through the erupting mayhem as Vikings pour
          out of the buildings, ready for a fight.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 2.
          More dragons swarm in, setting rooftops alight and hauling
          off sheep.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          Most people would leave. Not us.
          We're Vikings. We have stubbornness
          Vikings sound the alarm. Viking men and women pour out into
          the streets, axes in hand.
          ON HICCUP darting through alleys, staying under eaves, making
          his way through the battle.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          My name's Hiccup. Great name, I
          know. But it's not the worst.
          Parents believe a hideous name will
          frighten off gnomes and trolls.
          Like our charming Viking demeanor
          wouldn't do that.
          Dragons sweep back and forth, dodging axes and blasting the
          Vikings who throw them. A burly warrior gets tossed in an
          explosion, knocking Hiccup to the ground.


          (cheery, insane)
          Hiccup gets to his feet and continues to rush past gigantic
          men and women.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          Meet the neighbors. Hoark the

          What are you doing out!?

          ... Burnthair the Broad...

          Get inside!

          ... Phlegma the Fierce...

          Get back inside!




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 3.

          . Ack.
          He passes a silent ox of a viking, picking his ear.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Yep, just Ack.
          Enter STOICK, the biggest Viking of all. He yanks Hiccup from
          the path of a strafing dragon and holds aloft to the crowd.

          (accusingly; to the crowd)
          What is he doing out again?!

                         (TO HICCUP)
          What are you doing out?! Get
          The flames light up his scowling face and matted red beard.
          He sets Hiccup down and turns to the sky, searching.

          HICCUP (V.O.)

                         (IN AWE)
          That's Stoick the Vast. Chief of
          the tribe. They say that when he
          was a baby he popped a dragon's
          head clean off of its shoulders.
          Do I believe it?
          Stoick grabs a wooden cart and hurls it, knocking the
          strafing dragon out of the sky.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          Yes I do.
          An EXPLOSION forces Vikings to DUCK. Stoick stands firm,
          brushing flaming debris off of his shoulder.

          (barking; to his men)
          What have we got?

                         VIKING #1
          Gronkles. Nadders. Zipplebacks. Oh,
          and Hoark saw a Monstrous

          Any Night Furies?

                         VIKING #1
          None so far.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 4.



          Hoist the torches!
          Massive flaming braziers are raised on poles, lighting up the
          night sky... and revealing swirling dragons of all types.
          Below, Hiccup crosses an open plaza and ducks into an open
          building with a tall chimney.


          He crosses behind a counter, where a peg-legged, one-armed
          hulk of a Blacksmith reshapes blades with a hammer and tongs

          Ah! Nice of you to join the party.
          I thought you'd been carried off.
          Hiccup dons a leather apron and starts to put away Gobber's
          scattered appendages.

          Who me? Nah, come on! I'm way too
          muscular for their taste. They
          wouldn't know what to do with all
          Hiccup strikes a bodybuilder pose.

          They need toothpicks, don't they?
          Hiccup gets to work, transferring bent and chipped weapons to
          the forge as Vikings crowd the counter for replacements.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          The meathead with attitude and
          interchangeable hands is Gobber.
          I've been his apprentice ever since
          I was little. Well...littler.


                         ON STOICK

          We move to the lower defenses.
          We'll counter-attack with the




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 5.
          Armed men rush past, flanking others who carry sheep to
          safety. Stoick follows up the rear as, overhead, a dragon
          strafes the rooftops with Napalm-like fire.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          See? Old village. Lots and lots
          of new houses.


          In response, the fire brigade charges through the plaza --
          four TEENS, tugging a large wooden cask on wheels. From it,
          they fill buckets of water to douse the flames. One among
          them is a cute, energetic Viking girl.
          Hiccup leans out of the stall to watch her.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          Oh and that's Fishlegs, Snotlout.
          The twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut.

          A SLOW-MOTION explosion erupts behind her, framing her in a
          sexy ball of fire. The others join her, looking awesome and

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          Their job is so much cooler.
          Hiccup tries to join them as they pass, but he's hooked by
          Gobber and hoisted back inside.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          Ah, come on. Let me out, please. I
          need to make my mark.

          Oh, you've made plenty of marks.
          All in the wrong places.

          Please, two minutes. I'll kill a
          dragon. My life will get infinitely
          better. I might even get a date.

          You can't lift a hammer. You can't
          swing an axe...
          Gobber grabs a bola (iron balls connected by rope).




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 6.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          ... you can't even throw one of
          A Viking runs by and nabs it out of Gobber's hand, hurling it
          at a dive-bombing Gronkle. The bola binds its legs, sending
          it into a heavy crash.

          (ready with the answer)
          Okay fine, but...
          He rushes to the back corner of the stall and presents a
          bizarre, wheel barrow-like contraption.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          ... this will throw it for me.
          Hiccup OPENS the hinged lid of the device. An arm springs up,
          equipped with twin bows. They prematurely launch a bola,
          narrowly missing Gobber... and taking out a Viking at the


          See, now this right here is what
          I'm talking about.

          Mild calibration issue.

          Hiccup. If you ever want to get out
          there to fight dragons, you need
          to stop all...
          Gobber gestures in Hiccup's general direction.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          ... this.


          But... you just pointed to all of

          Yes! That's it! Stop being all of




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 7.




          Ohhhhh, yes.

          You, sir, are playing a dangerous
          game. Keeping this much,
          raw...Vikingness contained.

          There will be consequences!
          Gobber tosses him a sword.

          I'll take my chances. Sword.
          Sharpen. Now.
          Hiccup takes it begrudgingly and lobs it onto the grinding
          wheel. He stews... fantasizing...

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          One day I'll get out there. Because
          killing a dragon is everything
          around here.


          Nadders land, gathering like seagulls around a seemingly
          vacant house.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          A Nadder head is sure to get me at
          least noticed.
          The Nadders clamber onto the building, tearing the roof and
          walls apart. Sheep pour out and SCATTER.
          Elsewhere, hippo-like Gronckles pick drying racks clean of
          fish and fly off like loaded pelicans.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          Gronckles are tough. Taking down
          one of those would definitely get
          me a girlfriend.
          A stealthy, snake-like dragon head peeks over a rooftop,
          breathing gas into a chimney.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 8.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          A Zippelback? Exotic, exciting. Two
          heads, twice the status.
          A second head pokes through the door and lights it. KABLAM!
          The two heads fly through the explosion, their necks zipping
          together to reveal a single body.
          It flies past Stoick as he climbs to the top of a CATAPULT


                         CATAPULT OPERATOR
          They found the sheep!


          Concentrate fire over the lower

                         CATAPULT OPERATOR
          Boulders are catapulted at the corralling Nadders...
          Just as a huge red dragon whips past, spraying the base of
          the catapult with sticky fire.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          And then there's the Monstrous
          Nightmare. Only the best Vikings go
          after those. They have this nasty
          habit of setting themselves on
          It emerges from the flames, climbing the catapult with a
          leering, toothy grin.

          Reload! I'll take care of this.
          Stoick takes on the Nightmare, face to hammer.
          Suddenly, a LOUD BALLISTIC MOANING streaks overhead. The
          catapult crew ducks.


          ON HICCUP, looking up from his work, reacting to the same

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          But the ultimate prize is the
          dragon no one has ever seen. We
          call it the--




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 9.

          Night Fury! Get down!
          Vikings everywhere take shelter. The moaning sound BUILDS.


          The Monstrous Nightmare suddenly stops fighting and takes
          flight. Stoick looks skyward.


          KABOOM! The Catapult EXPLODES as though hit by an artillery
          shell... sending Stoick and the crew leaping for their lives.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          This thing never steals food, never
          shows itself, and...
          The sound recedes, leaving the crippled catapult in flames.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          ...never misses.

          No one has ever killed a Night
          Fury. That's why I'm going to be
          the first.

          IN THE STALL
          Gobber trades his hammer for an axe.

          Man the fort, Hiccup, they need me
          out there!
          Gobber pauses. Turns with a threatening glare.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Stay. Put. There. You know what I
          Gobber charges into the fray, HOLLERING.
          ON HICCUP, a smirk crosses his face.


          WHAM! Hiccup pushes his wheeled contraption through a wall of
          clustered Vikings. He weaves through the ongoing mayhem, as
          fast as his legs can carry him.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 10.

          VIKING #6 (O.S.)
          Hiccup, where are you going!

                         VIKING #7
          Come back here!

          I know. Be right back!

          The Nadders have cornered the house-full of sheep. They close
          in, ready to spring upon them.
          Stoick suddenly appears, HURLING FISHING NETS over them. The
          surprised Nadders are caught. Stoick and his men rush in.
          A Nadder blasts a hole through its net. Stoick leaps onto it,
          clamping his thick arms around its head, forcing its jaws

          Mind yourselves! The devils still
          have some juice in them.

          Hiccup reaches a cliff overlooking the smoking CATAPULT and
          drops the handles to the ground. He cranks several levers,
          unfolding and then cocking the bowed arms of his contraption.
          He drops a bola onto a chamber and then pivots the weapon on
          a gimbal head toward the dark sky.
          He listens, with his eye pressed to the scope, hand poised on
          the trigger. He hears the NIGHT FURY approaching... and turns
          his aim to the defense tower. It closes in for the final
          strike, completely camouflaged in the night.


                         (TO HIMSELF)
          Come on. Give me something to shoot
          at, give me something to shoot at.
          KABLAM! The tower topples. The blast of fire illuminates the
          dragon for a split second. Hiccup pulls the trigger.
          KERTHUNK! The flexed arms SNAP forward, springing the weapon
          off the ground. The bola disappears into the sky, followed by
          a WHACK and a SCREECH.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 11.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          (surprised, then elated)
          Oh I hit it! Yes, I hit it! Did
          anybody see that?
          Hiccup's victory is short-lived. A Monstrous Nightmare
          appears, slithering up over the lip of the cliff.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Except for you.
          ON STOICK, holding down the netted Nadders. He hears a
          familiar HOLLER and looks up to see...
          HICCUP running through the PLAZA, SCREAMING, with the
          NIGHTMARE fast on his heels.
          Alarmed, Stoick abandons the Nadders and runs off.

          (to his men, re: the

          DO NOT let them escape!

          IN THE PLAZA
          Vikings scatter as Hiccup dodges a near fatal blast. The
          Nightmare's sticky, Napalm-like fire splashes up onto
          buildings, setting them alight.
          Hiccup ducks behind the last standing brazier -- the only
          shelter available. The Nightmare blasts it, spraying fire all
          around him. Hiccup peers around the smoldering post. No sign
          of the Nightmare.
          He turns back to find it leering at him, blocking his escape.
          It takes a deep breath. Hiccup is finished.
          Suddenly, Stoick LEAPS between them, tackling the Nightmare
          to the ground. They tumble and wrestle, resuming their
          earlier fight. The Nightmare tries to toast him, but only
          coughs up smoke.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          You're all out.
          He smashes the Nightmare repeatedly in the face, driving it
          away. It takes to the air and disappears. Winded, Stoick
          turns to Hiccup.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          Oh, and there's one more thing you
          need to know...




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 12.
          The burnt brazier pole collapses, sending the massive iron
          basket crashing. It bounces down the hill, destroying as it
          goes and scattering the Vikings who were holding down the
          netted Nadders. The freed dragons escape... with several
          sheep in tow.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Sorry, dad.


          The escaped Nadders fly past with sheep in their clutches.
          The raid is over. The dragons have clearly won.
          The murmuring crowd eyes Stoick, awaiting his response.


          Okay, but I hit a Night Fury.
          Stoick grabs Hiccup by the back scruff of his collar and
          hauls him away, fuming with embarrassment.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          It's not like the last few times,
          Dad. I mean I really actually hit
          it. You guys were busy and I had a
          very clear shot. It went down, just
          off Raven Point. Let's get a search
          party out there, before it--

          --STOP! Just....stop.
          He releases Hiccup. Everyone goes silent, staring

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Every time you step outside,
          disaster follows. Can you not see
          that I have bigger problems?
          Winter's almost here and I have an
          entire village to feed!
          Hiccup looks around. All eyes are upon him.

          Between you and me, the village
          could do with a little less
          feeding, don't ya think?
          A few rotund Vikings stir self-consciously.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 13.

          This isn't a joke, Hiccup!

          Why can't you follow the simplest

          I can't stop myself. I see a dragon
          and I have to just... kill it, you
          know? It's who I am, Dad.

          You are many things, Hiccup. But a
          dragon killer is not one of them.
          Sting. Hiccup looks around to see many nods of agreement.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Get back to the house.

                         (TO GOBBER)
          Make sure he gets there. I have his
          mess to clean up.
          Stoick lumbers off in the opposite direction.
          Gobber leads Hiccup through the walk of shame. They pass the
          teen fire brigade as they snicker.

          Quite the performance.

          I've never seen anyone mess up that
          badly. That helped!

          Thank you, thank you. I was
          trying, so...
          Hiccup avoids Astrid's glare and heads up toward a large
          house, standing prominently on the hill above the others.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          I really did hit one.

          Sure, Hiccup.

          He never listens.

          Well, it runs in the family.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 14.

          And when he does, it's always with
          this... disappointed scowl. Like
          someone skimped on the meat in his

                         (MIMICKING STOICK)
          Excuse me, barmaid. I'm afraid you
          brought me the wrong offspring. I
          ordered an extra large boy with
          beefy arms. Extra guts and glory on
          the side. This here. This is a
          talking fish bone.

          You're thinking about this all
          wrong. It's not so much what you
          look like. It's what's inside that
          he can't stand.

          Thank you, for summing that up.
          They reach the doorway.

          Look, the point is, stop trying so
          hard to be something you're not.
          Hiccup SIGHS heavily.

          I just want to be one of you guys.
          Gobber eyes him sympathetically. Hiccup turns and goes
          through the front door.
          And straight out the back door. He hurries off into the
          woods, determined.

          INT. GREAT HALL - DAY

          A noisy din of PROTESTING VOICES leads to...
          STOICK, glowering in the firelight. Surrounded by his men.

          Either we finish them or they'll
          finish us! It's the only way we'll
          be rid of them! If we find the
          nest and destroy it, the dragons
          will leave. They'll find another




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 15.
          He sinks his blade into a...
          LARGE NAUTICAL MAP, spread out on the table... the blade
          pierces the middle of an uncharted corner, swirling with
          painted sea monsters and dragons.

          STOICK (CONT'D)

          One more search. Before the ice
          sets in.

          Those ships never come back.


          We're Vikings. It's an occupational
          hazard. Now who's with me?
          Stoick throws up his fist. No one follows. The crowds shifts
          in restless silence. Head scratches. Eyes averted.


          Today's not good for me.

          VIKING (CONT'D)

                         (EQUALLY FEEBLE)
          I've gotta do my axe returns.

          Alright. Those who stay will look
          after Hiccup.
          Hands jut into the air, volunteers galore. Enthusiastic
          murmurs of prep and packing fill the room.

          To the ships!

          I'm with you Stoick!


          That's more like it.
          The Vikings rush for the door, leaving Gobber and Stoick
          alone. Gobber gulps back the contents of his tankard
          attachment and scrapes back the bench.

          I'll pack my undies.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 16.

          No, I need you to stay and train
          some new recruits.

          Oh, perfect. And while I'm busy,
          Hiccup can cover the stall. Molten
          steel, razor sharp blades, lots of
          time to himself...what could
          possibly go wrong?
          Stoick sinks onto the bench beside Gobber, his brow burdened.

          What am I going to do with him

          Put him in training with the

          No, I'm serious.

          So am I.
          Stoick turns to him, glaring.

          He'd be killed before you let the
          first dragon out of its cage.

          Oh, you don't know that.

          I do know that, actually.

          No, you don't.

          No, actually I do.

          No you don't!

          Listen! You know what he's like.
          From the time he could crawl he's
          been...different. He doesn't





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 17.

                         STOICK (CONT'D)
          Has the attention span of a
          sparrow. I take him fishing and he
          goes hunting for... for trolls.


          Trolls exist! They steal your

          But only the left ones. What's with

          When I was a boy...


          Oh here we go.

          My father told me to bang my head
          against a rock and I did it. I
          thought it was crazy, but I didn't
          question him. And you know what

          You got a headache.

          That rock split in two. It taught
          me what a Viking could do, Gobber.
          He could crush mountains, level
          forests, tame seas! Even as a boy,
          I knew what I was, what I had to

          Hiccup is not that boy.

          You can't stop him, Stoick. You can
          only prepare him.

          Look, I know it seems hopeless. But
          the truth is you won't always be
          around to protect him. He's going
          to get out there again. He's
          probably out there now.
          ON STOICK, as Gobber's words hit their mark.

          EXT. WOODS - DAY





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 18.
          A drawn map of the island, covered in X's.
          Hiccup looks up from it and peeks over a gorge, expectantly.
          Sees nothing.
          He adds another 'X' to the page, then scratches his pencil
          over the whole map in frustration. He snaps the book closed
          and pockets it.

          Uggh, the gods hate me. Some people
          lose their knife or their mug. No,
          not me. I manage to lose an entire
          Hiccup WHACKS a low-hanging branch. It SNAPS back at him,
          hitting him in the face. He looks up to see a snapped tree
          trunk. His eyes follow it to a long trench of up-turned
          He follows it to a downed, black dragon, its body and tail
          tangled in a bola. It appears dead. Hiccup approaches,

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

                         (IN SHOCK)
          Oh wow. I did it. I did it. This
          fixes everything.

          He strikes a victory pose, planting his foot on the fallen
          Night Fury.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          I have brought down this mighty
          It suddenly shifts.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Hiccup springs back, terrified. He turns his blade on it.
          Rattled, Hiccup creeps along the length of the weak, wounded
          dragon, dagger poised to strike.
          As he reaches the head, Hiccup finds the Night Fury staring
          coldly at him. Hiccup tries to look away, but he's drawn back
          to its unnerving, unflinching stare.
          With the dragon safety tangled in the ropes, Hiccup jabs with
          his dagger, puffing himself up with false bravado.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 19.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          I'm going to kill you, Dragon. I'm
          gonna cut out your heart and take
          it to my father. I'm a Viking.

          I am a VIKING!
          Hiccup raises the dagger, determined to prove his Viking-
          ness. The dragon's labored breathing breaks Hiccup's clenched
          concentration. He opens an eye, uncertainty leaking through.
          The dragon holds the stare. Something profound is exchanged.
          Finally, the Night Fury closes its eye and lowers its head,
          resigned to its fate.
          Hiccup tries to go through with it, holding the dagger
          aloft... fighting himself... until finally lowering it with a
          frustrated sigh.
          He looks over the dragon's chaffed rope wounds.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          (muttered, ashamed)
          I did this.
          He turns to leave. Pauses. And glances back at the dragon,
          chest heaving.
          Hiccup GRUMBLES. He checks over his shoulder to ensure that
          no one is watching... then hurries back to cut the ropes.
          The Night Fury's eye shoots open. With the dragon watching
          his every move, Hiccup hurriedly saws through the bola ropes.
          As the last rope falls free, the Night Fury suddenly POUNCES!
          In a blur, the dragon is upon him, pinning Hiccup down,
          grazing his neck. Looking like it's about to kill him. Hiccup
          is paralyzed. The dragon's breath ruffles his hair. Hiccup
          opens his eyes to find the Night Fury's wolf-like stare
          boring into him. The exchange is intense, profound.
          The dragon draws a deep breath, as though it's about to torch
          him, then lets out an ear-piercing scream instead. It turns
          and takes flight, flapping violently through the canopy of
          trees. It bashes against a nearby mountain side, recovers,
          and drops out of view some distance away.
          Winded, Hiccup struggles to his feet, staggers a few steps,
          collapses to his knees, and faints.


          Hiccup enters to see...




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 20.
          STOICK, seated on a thick slice of tree-trunk. He is slouched
          over the fire-pit, stirring the coals with his axe. Embers
          waft around his beard.
          Hiccup tries to sneak past, up the stairs to his room. Stoick
          seems none the wiser, when...



          Dad. Uh...
          Stoick stands, takes a deep breath.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          I, uh... I have to talk to you,

          I need to speak with you too, son.
          Hiccup and Stoick STRAIGHTEN at the same moment.

                         HICCUP STOICK
          I've decided I don't want to I think it's time you learn
          fight dragons. to fight dragons.

                         (BEAT) (BEAT)
          What? What?

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          You go first.

          No, you go first.

          Alright. You get your wish. Dragon
          training. You start in the morning.


          Oh man, I should've gone first. Uh,
          'cause I was thinking, you know we
          have a surplus of dragon-fighting
          Vikings, but do we have enough
          bread-making Vikings, or small home

                         REPAIR VIKINGS--

          --You'll need this.
          Stoick hands Hiccup his axe. Hiccup avoids taking it.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 21.

          I don't want to fight dragons.

          Come on. Yes, you do.

          Rephrase. Dad I can't kill dragons.

          But you will kill dragons.

          No, I'm really very extra sure that
          I won't.

          It's time Hiccup.

          Can you not hear me?

          This is serious son!
          Stoick forces the axe into Hiccup's hands. Its weight drags
          him down. He looks up to see Stoick under-lit with firelight.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          When you carry this axe... you
          carry all of us with you. Which
          means you walk like us. You talk
          like us. You think like us. No more

                         (GESTURING NON-
          specifically at Hiccup)
          ... this.

          You just gestured to all of me.


          This conversation is feeling very


          Hiccup glances at the axe in his hands. It's a no-win




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 22.


          Satisfied, Stoick grabs his helmet and duffel bag... and
          heads for the door.

          Good. Train hard. I'll be back.

          And I'll be here. Maybe.
          Stoick heads out the door, leaving Hiccup holding the axe.


          Gobber raises a massive iron gate at the entrance of a vast
          stone arena.

          Welcome to dragon training!
          The recruits file through the gate, and out onto the arena
          floor. They take it in like gladiators entering the
          colosseum. The walls are covered in scorched silhouettes of
          blasted Vikings. It's a grim yet awe-inspiring place.

          No turning back.

          I hope I get some serious burns.

          I'm hoping for some mauling, like
          on my shoulder or lower back.

          Yeah, it's only fun if you get a
          scar out of it.

          HICCUP (O.S.)
          Yeah, no kidding, right? Pain. Love
          The recruits turn to see Hiccup behind them. Groans all

          Oh great. Who let him in?




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 23.

          Let's get started! The recruit who
          does best will win the honor of
          killing his first dragon in front
          of the entire village.

          Hiccup already killed a Night Fury,
          so does that disqualify him or...?
          The recruits LAUGH and chatter in the background.

          Can I transfer to the class with
          the cool Vikings?
          Gobber throws a supportive arm around Hiccup and ushers him

          (cheery, in confidence)
          Don't worry. You're small and
          you're weak. That'll make you less
          of a target. They'll see you as
          sick or insane and go after the
          more Viking-like teens instead.
          GOBBER stick him in line with the others and continues on
          toward five massive reinforced doors. Terrible ROARS and
          BELLOWS issue from within.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Behind these doors are just a few
          of the many species you will learn
          to fight.
          Fishlegs bounces and giggles with excitement, barely able to
          contain himself.

                         GOBBER (CONT'D)
          The Deadly Nadder.

          (under his breath)
          Speed eight. Armor sixteen.

          The Hideous Zippleback.

          Plus eleven stealth. Times two.

          The Monstrous Nightmare.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 24.

          Firepower fifteen.

          The Terrible Terror.

          Attack eight. Venom twelve.


          CAN YOU STOP THAT?!

          And...the Gronckle.

          (quietly; to himself)
          Jaw strength, eight.
          Gobber pulls a lever, raising the cross beam on the last of
          the doors.

          Whoa, wait! Aren't you gonna teach
          us first!?

          I believe in learning on the job.
          BAM! A GRONCKLE thunders out of its cave, charging into the
          ring like an irate rhino.
          The recruits scramble in every direction. Except for Ruffnut
          and Tuffnut who rush toward it, like pumped-up rodeo clowns.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Today is about survival. If you get
          blasted, you're dead. Quick, what's
          the first thing you're going to

          A doctor?

          Plus five speed?

          A shield.

          Shields. Go.
          The recruits scramble for shields, finding them scattered
          around the ring.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 25.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Your most important piece of
          equipment is your shield. If you
          must make a choice between a sword
          or a shield, take the shield.
          Hiccup STRUGGLES to lift his. Gobber helps him and sends him
          Ruff and Tuff stand amidst a dozen shields. But only one has
          a skull painted on it. They both grab it.

          Get your hands off my shield!

          There are like a million shields!

          Take that one, it has a flower on
          it. Girls like flowers.
          Ruffnut uses the shield to BASH Tuffnut in the face. He
          doesn't let go.

          Ooops, now this one has blood on
          The Gronckle takes aim at the distracted twins. Blam! The
          shield is blasted out of both of their hands. Tuff and Ruff
          SPIN like tops and go down.

          Tuffnut, Ruffnut, you're out!




          The Gronckle scoops up a pile of rocks and SWALLOWS them
          back. The teens gather on the far side of the ring.

          Those shields are good for another
          thing. Noise. Make lots of it to
          throw off a dragon's aim.
          The kids scoop up weapons and begin hammering on their
          shields. The Gronckle shakes its head at the clatter.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 26.
          GRONCKLE'S POV - the teens targets become blurry and
          scrambled. It's working.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          All dragons have a limited number
          of shots. How many does a Gronckle


          No, six.

          Correct, six. That's one for each
          of you!

          I really don't think my parents

          BAM! Fishlegs has his shield blasted away.

          Fishlegs, out.
          Gobber spots Hiccup hiding from the Gronckle's molten slugs.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Hiccup, get in there!
          ON ASTRID bouncing on her heels, ready to dodge a blast.
          Snotlout appears, trying to hit on her.

          So anyway I'm moving into my
          parents' basement. You should come
          by sometime to work out. You look
          like you work out--
          She cartwheels out of the way, allowing a shot to shoot past
          her and hit Snotlout's shield. He's blasted onto his back.

          Snotlout! You're done!
          Astrid ROLLS to a stop beside Hiccup, who stirs awkwardly,
          trying to look cool.


                         (VOICE BREAKING)
          So, I guess it's just you and me




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 27.

          No. Just you.
          Astrid ROLLS away. A split-second later a lava slug knocks
          Hiccup's shield clear off of his arm. Hiccup is exposed.

          One shot left!
          Hiccup panics and chases after his shield as it rolls across
          the ring.
          The sudden movement sends the Gronckle chasing after him,
          leaving Astrid in the clear.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)

          The Gronckle drives straight toward Hiccup, pinning him
          against the wall. It opens its mouth and cocks its tail,
          ready to fire point-blank.
          Gobber lunges in and hooks the Gronckle's mouth at the last
          second, causing its head to jerk back and fire against the
          stone wall above Hiccup's head.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          (rattled, but masking it)
          And that's six!
          Gobber wrestles the irate Gronckle back into his pen.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Go back to bed, ya overgrown
          sausage! You'll get another chance,
          don't you worry.
          Slam! Lock. Gobber turns to the recruits.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Remember... a dragon will always,
          (with a stern look to

          always go for the kill.
          He hoists Hiccup to his feet and walks off. Hiccup looks
          overhead to see a steaming pit in the solid stone wall.


          HICCUP, battered after another disastrous day in the ring. He
          studies the remnants of the discarded bola... revealing that
          he's back at the scene of the crime.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 28.


          So...why didn't you?
          He drops the bola and presses on in the direction it flew
          off. He drops into a rocky crevice and follows it to an...
          ISOLATED COVE complete with a pristine spring pool. He scans
          the high stone walls... then notices a single black SCALE on
          the ground. He crouches and picks it up, studying it.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Well this was stupid.
          SUDDENLY, the NIGHT FURY blasts past him. Hiccup recoils,
          watching the massive beast struggle to climb the walls. It
          flaps violently, then peels away to a rough landing. The
          dragon is trapped.
          Hiccup grins, excited to see it again, and slips closer.
          He watches as the dragon, exhausted and frustrated, leaps
          into the air, beating its wings furiously. Again and again,
          it rolls uncontrolled and CRASHES heavily.
          As if remembering to snap a photo, Hiccup pulls a leather-
          bound book and flips past drawings of weapons to a blank
          page. He sketches the dragon quickly, desperate to record the
          The Fury claws at the steep rock walls, trying climb out of
          the cove. It SLIPS and falls hard, crushing several saplings.
          The Fury rolls back to his feet and slowly crawls to the
          water's edge. He spots fish in the shallow water and snaps at
          them... but comes up empty. He lowers his head, looking

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          Why don't you away?
          ON HICCUP as he spots the problem. He adjusts his drawing,
          carefully erasing one half of the dragon's tail. He
          accidentally drops the charcoal stick. It rolls off of the
          rock outcropping that hides him from view and bounces into
          the cove. TINK. TINK. TINK.
          The Night Fury raises his head, spotting Hiccup. They
          exchange a profound, unflinching stare.

                         DISSOLVE TO:




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 29.


          A storm is brewing outside. The great doors rattle on their

          GOBBER (O.S.)
          Alright. Where did Astrid go wrong
          in the ring today?
          The recruits are seated at a table, eating dinner by the glow
          of the fire pit.

          I mistimed my summersault dive. It
          was sloppy. It threw off my
          reverse tumble.
          Eye rolls from the group.


          Yeah. We noticed.

          (grabbing Astrid's hand)
          No, no, you were great. That was
          so 'Astrid'.

          She's right, you have to be tough
          on yourselves.
          CREAK. All eyes turn to Hiccup, entering the hall,
          sheepishly. Gobber glares at him.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          (glaring at Hiccup)
          Where did Hiccup go wrong?
          He tries to take a seat at the table...

          He showed up.

          He didn't get eaten.
          ... but the recruits keep closing the gaps. Rolling his eyes,
          Hiccup sits at the vacant table next to them.

          He's never where he should be.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 30.

          Thank you, Astrid.
          Gobber stands.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          You need to live and breathe this
          Gobber lays a giant book in the center of the table.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          The dragon manual. Everything we
          know about every dragon we know of.
          A RUMBLE of thunder shakes the hall. Rain pours down outside.

                         GOBBER (CONT'D)
          No attacks tonight. Study up.
          Gobber EXITS into the storm, leaving the teens staring at the

          (you've got to be kidding)
          Wait, you mean read?

          While we're still alive?

          Why read words when you can just
          kill the stuff the words tell you
          stuff about?

          Oh! I've read it like, seven times.
          There's this water dragon that
          sprays boiling water at your face.
          And there's this other one that
          buries itself for like a week...
          The teens stare as Fishlegs goes on too long.

          Yeah, that sounds great. There was
          a chance I was going to read

          ...but now...
          Snotlout gets up to go.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 31.

          You guys read, I'll go kill stuff.
          The others follow, with Fishlegs in tow.

          Oh and there's this other one that
          has these spines that look like
          Astrid is the last to go.

          So I guess we'll share--

          Read it.
          She pushes it toward him and leaves.

          All mine then. Wow, so okay. I'll

                         SEE YOU--

          HICCUP (CONT'D)


                         DISSOLVE TO:


          ON HICCUP'S HAND
          OPENING the massive book. Thunder BOOMS outside. The hall is
          vacant and dark, but for the few candles he's pulled
          Hiccup pours through page after page of strange and
          frightening dragons.

          HICCUP (V.O.)
          Dragon classifications. Strike
          class. Fear class. Mystery class.
          Hiccup turns the page.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          Thunderdrum. This reclusive dragon
          inhabits sea caves and dark tide





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 32.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          When startled, the Thunderdrum
          produces a concussive sound that
          can kill a man at close range.
          Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight.
          Hiccup's eyes drift to a lurid illustration of decapitated
          Vikings. Another page, another dragon.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          Timberjack. This gigantic creature
          has razor sharp wings that can
          slice through full grown
          trees...extremely dangerous. Kill
          on sight.
          The illustrations seem to take on a life of their own,
          shifting and squirming in the candlelight.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          Scauldron. Sprays scalding water at
          its victim. Extremely dangerous.
          The storm outside rages against the shuttered windows. Hiccup
          is startled, but presses on.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Changewing. Even newly hatched
          dragons can spray acid. Kill on
          He begins flipping through the pages. A blur of dragons...

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Gronckle. Zippleback. The Skrill.
          Bone Knapper. Whispering Death.
          Burns its victims. Buries its
          victims. Chokes its victims. Turns
          its victims inside-out.
          Extremely dangerous. Extremely
          dangerous. Kill on sight. Kill on
          sight. Kill on sight...
          Hiccup finally lands upon the page he's been looking for.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          Night Fury.
          It's BLANK -- no image, save for a few, sparse details.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Speed unknown. Size unknown. The
          unholy offspring of lightning and
          death itself.





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 33.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Never engage this dragon. Your only
          chance, hide and pray it does not
          find you.
          Hiccup pulls his sketchbook out of his vest and opens it to
          his drawing of Toothless. He lays it over the book's blank
          page and considers it.
          CLOSE ON the drawing of Toothless...

          MATCH CUT TO:

          EXT. HIGH SEAS - DAWN

          A painted DRAGON, with a sword run through it. It's the
          billowing sail of Stoick's ship.
          Stoick hovers over the familiar nautical map -- his eyes on
          the uncharted corner, swirling in mist and illustrations of

          I can almost smell them. They're
          close. Steady.
          Stoick raises his gaze to...
          AN EPIC FOG BANK, towering from sky to sea like a bruised,
          daunting curtain, beyond which nothing is visible. The three
          ships drift alongside it, skirting its solid edge, looking
          for an opening.
          ON DECK the crewmen mill nervously, all too aware of what
          Stoick is considering.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Take us in.
          The helmsman steers Stoick's ship into the fog. The men draw
          their weapons, prepping for the worst.

          Hard to port... for Helheim's gate.
          The first ship disappears into the whiteout, followed by the
          other two.

                         A BEAT




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 34.
          Suddenly a flash of light. A silhouette of a dragon. Hollers.
          Sounds of splitting and shattering wood. Plunges into the
          water. Another bright flash.

          MATCH CUT TO:


          CLOSE ON a DRAGON painted onto a shield. Hiccup runs his
          finger over its outline.

          You know, I just happened to notice
          the book had nothing on Night
          Furies. Is there another book? Or a
          sequel? Maybe a little Night Fury
          KABLAM! A blast takes the axe head off of Hiccup's hilt,
          leaving a smoking hole behind him. Hiccup YELPS and RUNS.

          GOBBER (O.S.)
          FOCUS Hiccup! You're not even
          CUT BACK to reveal a Deadly Nadder, loose in a maze-like
          arrangement of moveable walls. Gobber calls orders from

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Today... is all about attack.
          The Nadder hops from wall to wall, sending the recruits

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Nadders are quick and light on
          their feet. Your job is to be
          quicker and lighter.
          The teens move in, stumbling over Hiccup and his unwieldy
          shield. The Nadder spots Fishlegs' ample rear hiding behind a
          wall. It whips its tail of spikes. Fishlegs SCREAMS and lifts
          an entire wall to shield himself from the spray.

          I'm really beginning to question
          your teaching methods.

          Look for its blind spot. Every
          dragon has one. Find it, hide in
          it, and strike.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 35.
          Ruff and Tuff rush in, diving and rolling up to the Nadder's
          nose. The Nadder sniffs the air -- it can't see them. Tuff
          and Ruff are smashed together - too close for comfort.


          Do you ever bathe?

          If you don't like it, then just get
          your own blind spot.

          How about I give you one!
          Ruff and Tuff SHOVE each other, till their movement and noise
          gives them away. The Nadder ATTACKS, SNAPPING at both of

          Blind spot? Yes. Deaf spot? Not so
          Hiccup wanders up to Gobber, while the others dart past.

          Hey, so how would one sneak up on a
          Night Fury?

          None one's ever met one and lived
          to tell the tale. Now get in there.

          I know, I know, but


          She puts her finger to her lips and gestures for him to hide.
          A moment later, the Nadder leaps over the walls, surprising
          them by landing in front of her.
          Astrid somersaults into its blind spot, confusing it. She
          rears back to strike -- just as Snotlout LEAPS IN,
          protectively SWEEPING Astrid behind him.

          Watch out babe. I'll take care of




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 36.

          Snotlout MISSES. Astrid glares at him.


          The sun was in my eyes, Astrid.
          What do you want me to do, block
          out the sun? I could do that, but I
          don't have time right now!
          The Nadder tears off after her, knocking down walls in
          pursuit. She leaps and dives like a highly trained gymnast.
          Hiccup wanders up to Gobber again.

          They probably take the daytime off.
          You know, like a cat. Has anyone
          ever seen one napping?


          Hiccup spins around to see the maze walls collapsing like
          dominos toward him. Astrid comes flying through the dust and
          crash-lands on top of him, laying him out in a limb-tangled

          Oooh! Love on the battlefield!

          She could do better.
          The Nadder closes in, emerging through the cloud of dust.

          (struggling to untangle)
          Just... let me... why don't you...
          The Nadder spins around and races back toward them like a
          Astrid untangles herself and tries to pull her axe from
          Hiccup's shield... which is attached to his limp, gangly arm.
          She PLANTS her foot on his torso and YANKS the axe free,
          still burrowed into the shield.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 37.
          She SPINS and SWINGS the axe and shield, scoring a DIRECT HIT
          on the oncoming Nadder's NOSE. It yelps and scurries off.

          Well done, Astrid.
          Gobber hobbles off to wrestle the Nadder back into his cave.
          Hiccup gets to his feet -- all eyes are upon him. He turns to
          find Astrid glaring at him, winded.

          Is this some kind of a joke to you?
          Our parents' war is about to become
          ours. Figure out which side you're
          She grabs her axe and stomps off. Hiccup watches, stung.

                         CUT TO:

          EXT. COVE - MAGIC HOUR

                         CLOSE ON
          A fish... being thrown into the cove. It hits the ground and
          slides. A moment later, Hiccup peeks through a gap in the
          rock, looking around cautiously. Nothing.
          Hiccup squeezes through and enters the cove.
          A BEAT, then Hiccup hears a SNORT from behind him.
          Hiccup turns to see the Night Fury, crouched on a rock like a
          stealthy panther. It descends, approaching him... ready to
          Hiccup swallows his fear and offers the fish. Doing so
          reveals the dagger at his waist. The dragon sees it and
          hisses. Hiccup reaches for it, eliciting a growl. He pauses,
          carefully lifts it by the handle, and tosses it away. The
          dragon calms.
          As it approaches the fish, Hiccup notices that it's missing

          Huh. Toothless. I could've sworn
          you had...
          A set of razor sharp teeth emerge from its gums to grab the
          fish. Toothless snatches and gnashes it up, swallowing it.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 38.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          ... teeth.
          The teeth retract again.
          Toothless presses closer with an expectant look. Hiccup
          retreats nervously.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Uh, no. No, I don't have any more.
          The Fury backs Hiccup against a rock, placing himself the
          same position as before. The dragon closes in over him,
          staring blankly.
          A tense moment passes... then Toothless regurgitates a chunk
          of fish onto Hiccup's lap. They exchange stares. Hiccup
          realizes what Toothless wants him to do.
          Hiccup crouches slowly and squeamishly picks it up.
          The dragon waits expectantly. Hiccup gags and gnaws off a
          bite of the slimy fish. He forces a smile. Toothless mimics
          Amazed, Hiccup sits up and tries to touch him. Toothless
          HISSES and flaps off to a crash on the other side of the
          cove. He BLASTS the mossy ground to a red-hot temperature...
          and curls up on it like a giant dog.
          He turns to find Hiccup seated beside him. Toothless
          tolerates his persistent presence... until Hiccup tries to
          touch his damaged tail. Toothless SNAPS at him. Hiccup takes
          the hint and leaves.

                         DISSOLVE TO:

          EXT. COVE - LATER

          It's MAGIC HOUR. Toothless wakes, hanging upside down from a
          tree. He spots Hiccup sitting on the other side of the cove.
          Sketching in the sand.
          CLOSE ON a sketch of Toothless. Hiccup draws with a stick,
          minding his own business. Toothless appears behind him,
          watching carefully. Aware of his presence, Hiccup continues,
          trying not to scare him off.
          Toothless walks off. A moment later, he reappears with an
          entire sapling, drawing lines in the sand. He rushes here and
          there, making haphazard lines in every direction.
          Finally, Toothless drops the tree and inspects his work. He
          seems pleased.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 39.
          Hiccup stands and takes in the sprawling scribble, amazed by
          it. He accidentally steps onto one of the lines, eliciting an
          instant growl from Toothless. He steps on it again. Toothless
          growls again. Realizing how sensitive he is, Hiccup steps
          carefully between each line, turning round and round until he
          unwittingly bumps into Toothless.
          Toothless snorts. Once again, they're face to face. Hiccup
          slowly extends his hand. Toothless hesitates. Hiccup turns
          his head away and closes his eyes. To his amazement,
          Toothless bridges the gap and presses his muzzle against
          Hiccup's hand.
          In a flash, the dragon is gone, leaving Hiccup astounded.

          EXT. VILLAGE - NIGHT

          Gobber and the recruits are seated at the top of an abandoned
          catapult tower, toasting campfire food around a roaring

          ...and with one twist he took my
          hand and swallowed it whole. And I
          saw the look on his face.
          (can't deny it)
          I was delicious. He must have
          passed the word, because it wasn't
          a month before another one of them
          took my leg.

          Isn't it weird to think that your
          hand was inside a dragon. Like if
          your mind was still in control of
          it you could have killed the dragon
          from the inside by crushing his
          heart or something.

          I swear I'm so angry right now.
          I'll avenge your beautiful hand and
          your beautiful foot. I'll chop off
          the legs of every dragon I fight,
          with my face.
          He postures to Astrid. She rolls her eyes.

          (with a mouthful)
          Un-unh. It's the wings and the
          tails you really want. If it can't
          fly, it can't get away. A downed
          dragon is a dead dragon.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 40.
          ON HICCUP hiding his horrified look form the others.
          Gobber stands and stretches.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Alright. I'm off to bed. You should
          be too. Tomorrow we get into the
          big boys. Slowly but surely making
          our way up to the Monstrous
          (playful, taunting)
          But who'll win the honor of killing
          He hobbles off. The teens reflect.

          (very matter of fact)
          It's gonna be me.

          It's my destiny. See?
          Tuffnut rolls up his sleeve to reveal a red dragon on his


          Your mom let you get a tattoo?

          It's not a tattoo. It's a

          Okay, I've been stuck with you
          since birth, and that was never
          there before.

          Yes it was. You've just never seen
          me from the left side until now.

          It wasn't there yesterday. Is it a
          birthmark or a today-mark?
          Hiccup gets up and walks away from the group. Astrid watches
          him as he leaves the bonfire.

                         DISSOLVE TO:




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 41.


          Hiccup enters a small room at the back of the stall. It's
          covered in drawings of weaponry and scale models. He lights a
          candle and lays his sketchbook out on the desk, opening it to
          the drawing of Toothless.
          With a look of determination. Hiccup picks up a charcoal
          stick and re-draws the missing tail.

                         DISSOLVE TO:


                         CLOSE ON
          ... a creaking leather bellows. The stone forge glows with
          every pump. Tongs pull intricate iron pieces from the coals.
          They're dropped onto the anvil, twisted, lightly hammered,
          and dunked in a barrel.
          The pieces are carried to Hiccup's workbench and laid out in
          place on a one-to-one schematic. It's a sketch of a
          mechanical fin.


          Hiccup arrives, winded, straining under the weight of a full
          basket. He clicks the scale he found (like a jar top).
          Toothless approaches, sniffing him.

          Hey Toothless. I brought breakfast.
          I hope you're hungry.
          Hiccup drops the basket and kicks it over. Fish spill out.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Okay, that's disgusting.
          Toothless approaches, settling in to devour the feast.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Uh..we've got some salmon...
          Toothless swallows it.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          ... some nice Icelandic cod...
          Swallows those too.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 42.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          ... and a whole smoked eel.
          Toothless nabs it, chews a few times, then spits it out. He
          shakes his head violently, snorts and scrubs his massive
          tongue on the sand. Hiccup takes note.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          No, no, no! It's okay. Yeah, I
          don't like eel much either.
          Toothless focuses on the remainder. With the dragon
          distracted, Hiccup unwraps his prosthetic fin and opens it
          like a fan.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Okay. That's it. That's it, just
          stick with good stuff. And don't
          you mind me. I'll just be
 Minding my own
          Hiccup cautiously approaches the injured tail, but every time
          he gets near it, Toothless sweeps it away like a cat.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          It's okay.
          Hiccup drops a knee on top of the tail. Toothless' head juts
          up, slows its chewing to a halt.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          The dragon tenses, slowly spreading his wings. Hiccup straps
          the prosthetic fin in place. He cinches the straps.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          There. Not too bad. It works.
          Toothless BOLTS! He snaps his massive wings and takes to the
          air, carrying Hiccup with him.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Woah! No! No! No!
          Hiccup struggles to hold on to the tail. As the ground speeds
          away, Toothless immediately TIPS into a uncontrolled bank and
          Hiccup sees the folded fin rattling uselessly in opposition
          to its flared counterpart. Flap as he may, Toothless can't
          correct his trajectory.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 43.
          Hiccup swallows his fear and crawls toward the folded
          prosthetic. He reaches it and YANKS it open. The flared, fan-
          like appendage catches the air, stabilizing the twisting

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          (excited, terrified)
          It's working!
          Toothless arcs just short of the water and climbs... high
          into the air.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Yes! Yes, I did it.
          He glances back at Hiccup, busily holding the tail open while
          trying to hold on. They're going to crash.
          Whoomp! Hiccup is suddenly thrown from the tail in the
          intense force of a turn.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          He bounces across the water's surface and takes a dive.
          Without Hiccup to operate the tail, Toothless does the same,
          plunging in a massive cannonball.
          Hiccup resurfaces, roughed up, but beaming. Toothless appears
          seconds later.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)


          GOBBER (O.S.)
          Today is about teamwork. Work
          together and you might survive.
          ON A DOUBLE-WIDE DOOR. Gas seeps through the cracks.
          It BLASTS OPEN. A cloud of smoke engulfs the ring, swirling
          around the paired-up teens. Astrid with Ruffnut. Snotlout
          with Tuffnut. Fishlegs with Hiccup. All carry buckets of
          water, poised to throw them.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Now, a wet dragon head can't light
          its fire. The Hideous Zippleback is
          extra tricky. One head breathes
          gas, the other head lights it. Your
          job is to know which is which.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 44.
          The smoke encircles them, cutting them off from each other.
          The teens LISTEN and WATCH for any sign of the dragon.

          (muttering to himself)
          Razor sharp, serrated teeth that
          inject venom for pre-digestion.
          Prefers ambush attack, crushing its
          victims in its...


          Will you please stop that?

          Moving nervously through the fog, back to back. Snotlout is
          singing to himself to calm his nerves.

          If that dragon shows either of his
          faces, I'm gonna--
          (spotting an approaching
          shape, terrified)
          Snotlout and Tuffnut HURL their water into the fog.


          It's us, idiots.
          Astrid and Ruffnut are soaked.

          Your butts are getting bigger. We
          thought you were a dragon.


                         (TO ASTRID)
          Not that there's anything wrong
          with a dragon-esque figure.
          Astrid ELBOWS Snotlout in the face. Ruffnut DROPS Tuffnut
          with a PUNCH to the throat.

          They FREEZE. A tail SWEEPS out of the fog, taking them down.
          Their buckets spill.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 45.
          ON FISHLEGS AND HICCUP coming across them. They see the
          puddles of spilled water.

          Oh, I'm hurt. I am very much hurt.

          Chances of survival are dwindling
          into single digits now...

          Look out!
          A Zippleback head emerges out of the smoke. Fishlegs hurls
          his water at it, completely dousing the head. It leers and
          opens its mouth, spewing gas into the area.

          Oh. Wrong head.
          GAS FLOWS around their legs. Fishlegs flees in a panic.

          Beat. A clicking sound comes from behind them. Sparks flash
          in the smoke.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Now, Hiccup!
          The other head sweeps out of the smoke. Hiccup hurls his
          water with all his might. It arcs and drops short of the
          dragon's sparking mouth. The dragon grins, savoring the kill.

          Oh, come on!


          RUN, HICCUP!
          Gobber COVERS his eyes.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          The Zippleback hesitates. SNIFFS. Then retreats.
          The teens get to their feet, watching transfixed. Gobber
          peeks through his fingers to see...




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 46.
          The Zippleback backing away from Hiccup. He stands and holds
          his hands out, as if controlling it.

          BACK! BACK! BACK! Now don't you
          make me tell you again!
          The Zippleback retreats through its door and into its cave,

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Yes, that's right. Back into your
          Hiccup slyly OPENS his vest, revealing the spotted smoked EEL
          from earlier. He TOSSES it inside the door, then SLAMS it

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Now think about what you've done.
          Hiccup turns to the teens and Gobber. They stare, slack-jawed

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Okay! So are we done? Because I've
          got some things I need to...
          Hiccup jogs out of the ring, past the speechless group.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Yep...see you tomorrow.
          Astrid SNEERS. Something's going on.




          Hiccup cuts and stitches leather, draws and shapes steel. He
          works by candlelight. An overhead shot reveals what he's
          building: a harness, complete with handles and foot pedals.

          EXT. COVE - DAY

          Hiccup appears before Toothless, holding the new prosthetic.
          Toothless runs off as Hiccup chases him down.





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 47.

          EXT. COVE - DAY

          Toothless and Hiccup are zooming over the ocean. The tail
          breaks free sending Hiccup flying.

          Yeah! Whoa!


          Hiccup adjusts the harness and uses a metal clamp to affix
          himself to Toothless' saddle.

          EXT. SKY/FIELD - DAWN

          Hiccup and Toothless zip through the air -- his rudimentary
          harness and tail controls are working, barely. They crash-
          land in an open field.
          Hiccup recovers to find Toothless still rolling around in the
          tall grass. Hiccup discovers that it's a patch of ‘dragon-
          nip.' Toothless writhes on his back, tongue wagging, in
          complete bliss.


          Hiccup grabs the head as instructed, then discreetly pulls a
          fistful of ‘dragon-nip' and presses it up to the Gronkle's
          nose. It immediately stops struggling and goes weak in the
          knees. Hiccup drops the handful of dragon-nip to the ground.
          The Gronkle goes down with it, whimpering and blissful.
          From Gobber and the recruits' point of view, Hiccup is
          controlling the Gronkle with no more than a limp arm.


          The recruits walk home together, surrounding Hiccup and


          Hey Hiccup, I've never seen a
          Gronkle to that before.

          How'd you do that?

          It was really cool.
          He squirms and invents an excuse.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 48.

          I left my axe back in the ring.
          He turns and hurries back.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          You guys go on ahead and I'll catch
          up with you.
          Astrid watches, suspicious.

          EXT. COVE - LATER

          Hiccup rubs Toothless behind the ear, causing him to relax
          and fall over.


          An angry Deadly Nadder approaches Hiccup. Just as Astrid
          moves in to strike, Hiccup performs his special rubbing
          technique, which sends the Nadder down. Astrid and the other
          kids look on from the sideline in amazement.


          Hiccup sits down at a table to eat. The other recruits notice
          him and move over to his table to talk to him -- leaving
          Astrid alone.

          Hey Hiccup!

          What was that? Some kind of trick?
          What did you do?

          Hiccup, you're totally going to
          come in first, there's no question.

          EXT. COVE - LATER

          Hiccup is using a mirror-like object to create a patch of
          light on the ground. Toothless claws and chases the light
          patch like a cat chasing a laser pointer.


          A beam lifts from the door of another dragon pen.

          Meet the Terrible Terror.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 49.
          A tiny, pint-sized dragon steps out and moves toward the

          Ha. It's like the size of my--
          Tuffnut is taken down in a blur.

          TUFFNUT (CONT'D)
          Get it off! Get it off! Oh! I'm
          hurt, I am very much hurt!
          Hiccup stops the Terrible Terror with the same light-patch
          trick he used earlier with Toothless. The tiny dragon
          retreats back to it's cage. The teens approach him yet again
          as Astrid looks on with suspicion.

          TUFFNUT (CONT'D)

                         (TO ASTRID)
          Wow, he's better than you ever

                         CUT TO:


          Astrid furiously hurls her axe at a nearby tree. She notices
          Hiccup walking by in the distance, carrying one of his
          trademark harnesses. She quickly tries to follow, but he
          loses her in the woods.
          She HUFFS, frustrated.

          EXT. COVE - LATER

          Hiccup straps a newly designed harness onto Toothless. With
          Toothless tied to a nearby post with a rope. Hiccup rides him
          in the air -- while stationary. Toothless looks like a giant
          kite tied to a tree stump. This harness seems to work.


          The rope breaks and the pair CRASH into a tree. Hiccup's face
          is red.

          Oh, great.

          EXT. BERK - NIGHT

          The streets are empty save for a lone Viking who crosses
          Hiccup's path.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 50.

          Hiccup nods, trying to look casual. Once the coast is clear,
          he covertly steers Toothless into the Blacksmith's stall.
          Toothless PRESSES himself inside, rooting through stuff and
          making a racket. Astrid, walking nearby, is alerted.

          ASTRID (O.S.)
          Hiccup FREEZES. Then frantically tries to pry the ring off
          the saddle hook. It won't budge.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          Are you in there?
          Too late - she's right outside.
          ON ASTRID walking along the outside of the Blacksmith's.
          Hiccup JUMPS OUT the window and CLOSES the shutters behind
          him. Hiccup's harness line is stretched through the window,
          still attached to Toothless' saddle.

          Astrid. Hey! Hi Astrid. Hi Astrid.
          Hi Astrid.

          I normally don't care what people
          do, but you're acting weird. Well,
          Toothless spots a nearby sheep and makes a move toward it. As
          a result, Hiccup is suddenly PULLED TIGHT against the window
          shutters. He STRIKES A POSE to compensate... then gets PULLED
          THROUGH the shutters. They snap back in Astrid's face.
          Astrid reopens them and finds nothing but an empty stall.
          In the distance, Toothless and Hiccup slip off unseen.

          EXT. DOCKS - DAWN

          A lone, battered ship is pulled into a slip, overloaded with
          equally battered-looking men. They disembark to a crowd of
          onlookers, looking like a team of hometown heroes who just
          had their butts kicked.
          Gobber hobbles through the MUMBLING crowd to find Stoick --
          last to disembark and glowering with battered pride.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 51.

          Where are the other ships?

          You don't want to know.
          Stoick lumbers past Gobber, leaving him staring at the
          trashed ship.

          Well, I trust you found the nest at

          Not even close.

          Ah. Excellent.
          Gobber follows Stoick up the ramp and snags his duffle bag
          with his hook appendage, sharing the burden.

          I hope you had a little more
          success than me.

          Well, if by success, you mean that
          your parenting troubles are over
          with, then... yes.
          Stoick stops. What does that mean?
          A group of merry villagers rush past.

                         VIKING #1
          Congratulations Stoick! Everyone is
          so relieved.

                         VIKING #2
          Out with the old and in with the
          new, right?!

                         VIKING #3
          No one will miss that old nuisance!

                         VIKING #4
          The village is throwing a party to
          Stoick is stunned, overwhelmed by the insensitivity. He turns
          to Gobber.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 52.

          He's... gone?

          Yeah...most afternoons. But who can
          blame him? I mean the life of a
          celebrity is very rough. He can
          barely walk through the village
          without being swarmed by his new
          Stoick is doubly confused.



          Who would've thought, eh? He has
          this...way with the beasts.

                         CUT TO:

          EXT. SKY - AFTERNOON

          Toothless and Hiccup soar through a perfect blue sky.
          Billowing clouds rise like mountains. The ground seems miles
          below them.

          Okay there bud, we're gonna take
          this nice and slow.
          Hiccup checks a leather cheat sheet, clipped onto his
          harness. Inscribed upon it are several tail positions and
          their pedal position equivalents.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Here we go. Here we go...position
          three, no four.
          He presses the pedal, causing the tail to flare. They roll
          off into an arcing bank, gloriously lit by the late afternoon
          Hiccup tucks tight against his neck, thrilled that his new
          harness and vest are holding. The foot controls make the tail
          appendage quick and responsive. He watches Toothless' every
          fluctuation, trying to match it with the prosthetic.
          Hiccup sizes up a target -- a towering arch of stone, rising
          from the sea.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 53.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Alright, it's go time. It's go
          They dive toward it, lining up to pass through the arch.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Come on. Come on buddy. Come on
          They zip through the arch. A perfect maneuver.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Yeah! Yes, it worked!
          The triumph is short-lived. They smack into one of several
          sea stacks as Hiccup tries to keep up with the turns.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          They hurtle into another rock pillar. Toothless grumbles.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          My fault.
          Toothless swats him with his 'ear' plate.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Yeah, yeah, I'm on it.
          (referring to the cheat

          Position four, no three.
          They pierce the clouds. For the first time, Hiccup can see
          the whole of the island below them. It shrinks with every
          passing second. He SWALLOWS hard and tightens his grip on the

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Yeah! Go baby! Yes! Oh, this is
          amazing! The wind in my...
          He spots the leather guide tearing free in the turbulence.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)


          ... CHEAT SHEET! STOP!!
          Hiccup grabs frantically for the airborne sheet...

          HICCUP (CONT'D)




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 54.
          ... and NABS IT before it's carried out of reach. Toothless,
          however, obeys the command and suddenly STOPS beating his
          As they slow to a stop, Hiccup goes weightless. The rings of
          his vest float off of the harness hooks. Hiccup suddenly
          finds himself detached, free-falling.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Oh gods! Oh no!
          Without Hiccup, the tail loses control. Hiccup and Toothless
          spiral downward. Toothless FIGHTS to get back under Hiccup.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          (trying to calm Toothless)
          Alright, okay. You just gotta kinda
          angle yourself. No, no...come back
          down towards me. Come back down--
          Hiccup extends his arms and legs, giving himself as much
          surface area as he can. He angles back towards Toothless as
          the tumbling dragon WHACKS Hiccup with his wing.
          After a few more misses, Hiccup finally GRABS HOLD of the
          harness and manages to lock in -- just in time to pull
          Toothless out of his dive... barely shy of the tree tops.
          They careen past the wooded cliff and directly into a
          treacherous slalom course of jutting sea stacks.
          Hiccup pulls the cheat sheet from his teeth and attempts to
          check positions. It flaps violently in the turbulence, making
          it impossible.
          With no time to think, Hiccup throws it away and steers
          Toothless' tail on instinct... with perfect intuition.
          Together, they manage a tight, hair-rasing series of split-
          second turns, making it to the open water, unscathed.
          Hiccup takes a breath and glances back at the death-defying
          obstacle course, now safely behind them. He beams, relieved.
          He sits back and throws his arms up in victory.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          Toothless concurs with a happy SQUEAL and a fireball.
          Hiccup's glee turn to dread as they fly directly into it.

          ON HICCUP'S FACE

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Ah, come on.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 55.


          Hiccup and Toothless lounge on a sprawling, deserted beach,
          snacking of freshly caught fish. As Hiccup cooks his over a
          fire, Toothless suddenly regurgitates a fish head. Hiccup
          smirks with forced politeness.

          (gesturing to his fish on

                         A STICK)
          I'm good.
          Several Terrible Terrors land like seagulls, hissing and
          nipping at each other as they approach Toothless' pile of
          One grabs the regurgitated fish head and drags it away.
          Another attempts to steal it from him. They face off and last
          fire balls at each other to settle the fight. Hiccup and
          Toothless watch, amused. That is until...
          Toothless spots one of his fish leaving the pile. A stealthy
          Terrible Terror is exposed as the thief. They tug on the
          fish, and it snaps back into Toothless' mouth. He swallows it
          back tauntingly.
          Irate, the little dragon paws at the ground and blast
          Toothless. He opens his mouth, the gas hiss comes, and
          Toothless fires a tiny flame straight into its mouth, causing
          the gas to backfire into the little dragon. It coughs up
          smoke and staggers away, looking ill.
          Hiccup laughs.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Not so fireproof on the inside, are
          Hiccup throws the hapless Terror his freshly cooked fish.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Here you go.
          The appreciative little dragon gulps down the meal and
          approaches Hiccup cautiously. He curls up next to him. Hiccup
          is amazed.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          Everything we know about you guys
          is wrong.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 56.
          Hiccup carefully pets him... sending the Terror into an
          immediate, blissful sleep.


          HICCUP is lost in thought, his head laid of a desk full of
          Toothless drawings. Burdened with the weight of the world.
          Suddenly, STOICK appears in the doorway. Hiccup jumps and
          quickly covers up his desk.

          Dad! You're back!
          He skirts the bench, blocking Stoick's view of Toothless, the
          prosthetic fin, and other drawings.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Gobber's not here, so...
          He strikes an awkwardly casual pose, trying to cover up as
          much as possible.

          I know. I came looking for you.


          You did?


          You've been keeping secrets.
          Hiccup's legs give out. He slides, dragging the table's
          contents with him.


          Just how long did you think you
          could hide it from me?


                         (IN VAIN)
          I don't know what you're...

          Nothing happens on this island
          without me hearing about it.





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 57.


          Let's talk about that dragon.
          Blood drains from Hiccup's face.

          Oh gods. Dad I'm so sorry. I was
          going to tell you. I just didn't
          know how to--
          Stoick starts laughing. Big, booming. Hiccup stares, baffled.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          You're not...upset?

          What?! I was hoping for this!


          And believe me, it only gets
          better! Just wait til you spill a
          Nadder's guts for the first time.
          Hiccup's elated expression sinks.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          And mount your first Gronckle head
          on a spear. What a feeling!
          Stoick laughs and smacks Hiccup on the shoulder, sending him
          into the wall.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          You really had me going there, son.
          All those years of the worst Viking
          Berk has ever seen! Odin, it was
          rough. I almost gave up on you!
          Hiccup gets back up, grimacing in the irony of it all.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          And all the while, you were holding
          out on me! Thor almighty!
          Stoick grabs a stool and sits. His massive frame nearly fills
          the tiny room.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 58.

          STOICK (CONT'D)

          Ahhhhh. With you doing so well in
          the ring, we finally have something
          to talk about.
          Pregnant pause. Hiccup averts his eyes nervously. Stoick
          adjusts, awkwardly clearing his throat.
          After a long, uncomfortable silence...

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Oh, I... brought you something.
          He presents a horned helmet.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          To keep you safe in the ring.


          Wow. Thanks.
          Hiccup accepts it, looking it over.

          Your mother would've wanted you to
          have it.

          It's half of her breast plate.
          Stoick taps his own helmet and smiles.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Matching set. Keeps her close,
          Hiccup eyes the mismatched helmets, grimacing.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Wear it proudly. You deserve it.
          You've held up your end of the
          Stoick beams with pride. Hiccup squirms. He forces a YAWN.

          I should really get to bed.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 59.

                         STOICK HICCUP
          (talking over each (talking over each

                         OTHER) OTHER)
          Yes! Good! Okay. Good talk. See you back at the house.
          We should do this again. I'm Great. Thanks for stopping
          glad I stopped by, I hope you by. And for the... the uh,
          like the hat. breast hat.

          Well..uh..good night.
          Stoick leaves the room awkwardly, leaving Hiccup looking more
          burdened than ever.


          A Gronckle hovers above the ring, hunting victims as the teen
          recruits scramble.
          Astrid ducks behind a barrier to find Hiccup already there.
          She forces her axe at his throat.

          Stay out of my way! I'm winning
          this thing.

          Please, by all means.
          She darts off, CLOSING FAST on the dragon. The crowd above
          cheers her on.

          You got it Astrid!
          Hiccup stands and looks around. Amidst the crowd of
          onlookers, Stoick watches keenly, beaming with pride.
          He locks eyes with Hiccup, giving him a nod of encouragement.
          Hiccup adjusts his new helmet and forces a half-hearted
          Unbeknownst to Hiccup, the Gronckle spots him and makes a bee-
          line toward him.

          BACK TO ASTRID
          ... as she catches her breath behind a barrier. She scowls,
          focused, determined.

          This time. This time for sure.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 60.
          With a FIERCE BATTLE-CRY she LEAPS from cover, axe cocked to

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          And as she clears the barriers, she sees that Hiccup has
          already laid the Gronckle out.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          ...aaaaaaauGGGGGHHHHHHHH! No! No!
          Hiccup shrugs, as unhappy with the situation as she is.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)


          MUNGE BUCKET!
          A loud CLACK ring out. From the crowd above, Gothi, the
          village elder, steps forward, tapping her staff. Everyone
          lights up excitedly.

          Wait! Wait!

          So, later.
          Gobber snags Hiccup as he attempts to leave.

          Not so fast.

          I'm kinda late for--


          What? Late for what exactly?
          Stoick holds out his hands to silence the jabbering crowd.

          Okay quiet down. The elder has
          Thrilled, Gobber stands behind Hiccup and Astrid. He points
          to Astrid as the crowd waits in silent anticipation. Gothi
          shakes her head 'no.' The crowd 'Oooohs.'
          Gobber then points to Hiccup. The elder nods an affirmative
          'yes.' The crowd erupts in cheers.
          Astrid turns a seething, deadly glare on Hiccup.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 61.

          You've done it! You've done it,
          Hiccup! You get to kill the dragon!

          Ha, ha! That's my boy!
          Hiccup is hoisted onto the recruits' shoulders and carried
          out to the cheering spectators...


                         (MASKING PANIC)
          Heh, heh. Oh yeah! Yes! I can't
          wait. I am so...


          ... leaving. We're leaving. Let's
          pack up. Looks like you and me are
          taking a little vacation, forever.
          Toothless is nowhere in sight. Hiccup sets down his basket
          and opens it up, his head clouded with troubles.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          SHINK! Hiccup looks up to the sound of...
          ASTRID, sitting on the rock right in front of him, sharpening
          her axe.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          Aggh! What the--

          What are you doing here?
          She hops off the rock and back him down, spinning her axe
          threateningly. Hiccup's eyes dart around nervously, searching
          for Toothless.

          I want to know what's going on. No
          one just gets as good as you do.
          Especially you. Start talking! Are
          you training with someone?


          She grabs him by his odd-looking harness.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 62.

          It better not involve... this.

          I know this looks really bad, but
          you see...this is, uh...
          They hear a RUSTLE coming from the other side of the cove.
          Astrid DROPS Hiccup to the ground and sets off to

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          You're right! You're right. I'm
          through with the lies. I've been
          making... outfits. So you got me.
          It's time everyone knew. Drag me
          back. Go ahead. Here we go.
          He puts her hand back on his harness, getting her to 'drag
          him back.' Astrid BENDS Hiccups hand backwards, driving him

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          AAAAUUGGGHHH! Why would you do

          That's for the lies.
          Astrid pounces the hilt of her axe off of Hiccup's laid-out

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          And THAT'S for everything else.
          Hiccup's YELP is answered with A GROWL, coming from the other
          side of the cove. Astrid looks up to see...
          A NIGHT FURY. Toothless pounces toward them, snarling.


          Oh man.
          She dives onto Hiccup.

          Get down! Run! Run!
          Astrid pulls her axe, ready to take on Toothless.





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 63.
          Hiccup knocks Astrid's cocked axe to the ground, out of
          reach, then stops Toothless short of crushing her.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          No. It's okay! It's okay...
          Toothless pulls up short and lands hard, SPRAYING Astrid with

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          She's a friend.
          Toothless snorts in disagreement. Astrid is frozen. Toothless
          looks from her to Hiccup and back to her, confused.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

                         (TO ASTRID)
          You just scared him.

          I scared him!?
          Hiccup makes a “be quiet” motion.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)

                         (INTENSE WHISPER)
          Who is him?

          Astrid, Toothless. Toothless,
          Astrid backs away, eyeing Hiccup and Toothless together with
          pure disgust. She turns and RUNS for the village.

          We're dead.
          Satisfied with Astrid's departure, Toothless turns away.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

                         (TO TOOTHLESS)
          Where do you think you're going?


          ASTRID races through the trees. A large shadow overtakes her.
          She is suddenly SNATCHED into the air. Astrid SCREAMS.

          Oh great Odin's ghost, this is it!




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 64.
          Hiccup and Toothless fly Astrid to the top of a towering
          pine. It bows and creaks under their weight as Astrid dangles
          a hundred feet in the air.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          Hiccup! Get me down from here!

          You have to give me a chance to

          I'm not listening to ANYTHING you
          have to say!

          Then I won't speak. Just let me
          show you.
          Hiccup extends a hand.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Please, Astrid.
          She eyes him and the dragon, then the ground far, far below.
          After a moment, she swats Hiccup's outstretched hand away and
          reluctantly climbs over the pedal, lines, and harness. She
          settles behind Hiccup, avoiding as much contact as possible.

          Now get me down.

          Toothless? Down. Gently.
          Toothless leers mischievously. He spreads his wings slowly.
          With a WHOP, they fill with the updraft. Toothless releases
          the tree, tucks in his legs, and HOVERS in place.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          See? Nothing to be afraid of.
          Toothless suddenly LAUNCHES straight upward. Astrid SCREAMS.
          The acceleration is tremendous. Every downbeat bucks the
          saddle, heaving them into the sky, doubling their speed like
          a rocket. Astrid is thrown backward. She SCREAMS and hugs
          Hiccup for dear life, squeezing the breath out of him.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Toothless! What is wrong with you?!
          Bad dragon!
          (mortified; to Astrid)
          He's not usually like this. Oh




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 65.
          Toothless ROLLS and PLUMMETS toward the coastline far below.
          Astrid SCREAMS.
          Toothless rockets over the ocean waves, deliberately dipping
          them in the froth.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Toothless, what are you doing?!
          We need her to like us!
          Toothless rockets skyward and begins tumbling head over tail.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          And now the spinning. Thank you for
          nothing you useless reptile.
          Astrid clamps her hand over her eyes.

          Okay! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just
          get me off of this thing.
          Astrid is defeated, her aggressive energy gone. Satisfied,
          Toothless relents.
          They level off and head up into the clouds. Astrid opens her
          eyes again, and looks out over a world she'd never dreamed
          of. She reaches out and touches clouds, pierces columns
          ablaze in golden hues, and floats over a vast, alien sky-
          scape. Her terror is replaced by wonder. She grins, despite
          Toothless rises above a blanket of clouds...

                         DISSOLVE TO:

          EXT. SKY - NIGHT

          ...and levels off under a starry sky. They emerge from a
          blanket of clouds under the dancing Northern Lights,
          shimmering in ribbons across the vast sky.
          Below them, Berk's torches flicker in the inky darkness. The
          new perspective is breathtaking.
          Astrid tucks her arms into Hiccup's vest, burying her chin
          into his shoulder. The moment is not lost on either of them.
          Hiccup smiles nervously.
          Toothless climbs past Berk's tallest peaks and heads out over
          open water, leaving the village lights behind them.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 66.

          Alright I admit it. This is pretty
          cool. It's... amazing.

          He's amazing.
          Astrid carefully reaches down and pats Toothless' side.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          So what now?
          Hiccup groans. It's a problem without an answer.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          Hiccup, your final exam is
          tomorrow. You know you're going to
          have to kill...

          ... kill a dragon.

          Don't remind me.
          A strange, unearthly din approaches. Toothless' ear plates
          suddenly stand on end. Panicked, he abruptly dives, dipping
          into cloud cover.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Toothless! What's happening? What
          is it?
          Toothless BARKS at him. 'Quiet!'
          Suddenly, out of the dense cloud, a Monstrous Nightmare

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Get down!
          Hiccup and Astrid duck. The Nightmare calls out. A Zippleback
          appears to the other side of Toothless, boxing him in.

          What's going on?

          I don't know.

          Toothless. You've got to get us out
          of here, bud.
          Toothless HISSES.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 67.
          Other dragons, previously invisible in the thick clouds,
          appear all around them. HUNDREDS of them, all carrying fish
          and game in their talons.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          It looks like they're hauling in
          their kill.
          The Zippleback eyes them ravenously.

          What does that make us?
          The dragons BANK and dive in formation, plummeting through
          the thickening fog and weaving between towering, craggy sea
          They emerge at the base of a massive volcanic caldera,
          glowing with rivulets of lava. The flock of dragons fall into
          rank, funneling through a crack, and zipping through a
          winding tunnel.
          It gives way to a vast, steamy inner chamber, tiered with
          pocky shelves. Dragons of all breeds lay about, nested in
          The arriving dragons fly in, dropping the fish and game into
          a central pit, glowing red and shrouded in mist.
          Hiccup is amazed.

          What my dad wouldn't give to find
          Toothless peels away from the procession, landing on a small
          shadowy shelf to keep a low-profile.
          Hiccup and Astrid peek around, taking in the busy hive of
          sorts. They watch as the food continues to be dropped into
          the pit.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          It's satisfying to know that all of
          our food has been dumped down a

          They're not eating any of it.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 68.
          Last to arrive is a dim-witted Gronckle. It hovers over the
          pit and regurgitates his paltry contribution -- a pathetic
          little fish. As it falls into the steamy pit, a terrible ROAR
          rings out.
          The Gronckle tries to flee, but before it can, a gargantuan
          dragon head juts from the steamy pit and SNAPS it out of the
          air. Swallowing it back whole.
          Hiccup and Astrid recoil, terrified.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          What is that?
          The monstrous beast SNIFFS the air, seemingly aware of them.
          It nears the ledge where Toothless is hiding... and ROARS.
          Several dragons take flight in fear.

          Alright buddy, we gotta get out of
          here. Now!
          Toothless takes flight, barely evading the monster's snapping
          The behemoth dragon lunges for them, snatching a Zippleback
          out of the air instead.
          Toothless disappears into the winged exodus as thousands of
          dragons flee the caldera in fear.


          Toothless glides into the cove and touches down on the
          moonlit beach.

          (her mind reeling, talking
          Hiccup's ear off)
          No, no, it totally makes sense.
          It's like a giant beehive. They're
          the workers... and that's their
          queen. It controls them.
          She leaps off of Toothless and runs toward the village.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          Let's find your dad.

          No, no! Not yet. They'll... kill






          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 69.

                         HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Astrid, we have to think this
          through carefully.
          Astrid eyes him, incredulous.

          Hiccup, we just discovered the
          dragons' nest...the thing we've
          been after since Vikings first
          sailed here. And you want to keep
          it a secret? To protect your pet
          dragon? Are you serious?
          Hiccup stands firm, resolute.

          Astrid's taken aback.


          Then what do we do?

          Just give me until tomorrow. I'll
          figure something out.

          Astrid PUNCHES Hiccup in the arm.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          That's for kidnapping me.
          Hiccup looks to Toothless for support. Toothless SNORTS,
          Astrid grabs him. He braces for another hit. She KISSES
          Hiccup on the cheek.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          That's for, everything else.
          In the awkward wake of the moment, Astrid hurries off...
          leaving Hiccup RUBBING his cheek, stunned.
          Toothless hobbles up, eyeing him.

          What are you looking at?




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 70.


          The grounds have been transformed. Banners and flags flap in
          the morning sun. Surrounding the ring, a festive crowd had
          gathered. All of Berk has turned out for the event.

          (aloud to the crowd)
          Well, I can show my face in public


          STOICK (CONT'D)

          If someone had told me that in a
          few short weeks, Hiccup would go
          from being, well... Hiccup, to
          placing first in dragon training...
          I would've tied him to a mast and
          shipped him off for fear he'd gone
          mad. Yes! And you know it!

          But here we are. And no one's more
          ON HICCUP standing at the entrance to the ring, listening,
          looking burdened.

                         STOICK (CONT'D)
          ... or more proud than I am. Today,
          my boy becomes a Viking. TODAY, HE

          BECOMES ONE OF US!
          CHEERS and ROARS.
          Astrid approaches Hiccup.

          Be careful with that dragon.

          (re: the roaring crowd)
          It's not the dragon I'm worried


          What are you going to do?

          Put an end to this.
          She eyes him, dubious.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 71.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          I have to try.

          Astrid. If something goes wrong...
          just make sure they don't find


          I will. Just promise me it won't go
          Hiccup can't. Gobber approaches.

          It's time, Hiccup. Knock him dead.
          Hiccup puts his helmet on and enters the ring.

          ON THE TEENS
          HOOTING and HOLLERING from the stands.

          Show 'em how it's done, my man!
          Hiccup locks eyes with Stoick. Stoick nods with a smile.
          Hiccup returns a half-smile. Takes a deep breath.
          He hoists a shield onto his forearm and selects his weapon
          from a rack of many -- a small dagger.


          Hrmph. I would've gone for the
          Hiccup turns to face a bolted, heavy door. Takes a deep

          I'm ready.
          The door bolt is raised. The crowd grows quiet...
          BOOM! The doors blast open with a stream of sticky fire.
          Followed by a Monstrous Nightmare, coated in flames. It tears
          out of its cave like an irate bull -- as the crowd roars and
          It climbs the walls and chain enclosure like a bat, hissing
          at the provoking crowd and blasting fire.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 72.
          It spots Hiccup and descends, leering and licking the flaming
          drool from its lips.
          The crowd grows silent, bracing for the big fight.
          With the Monstrous Nightmare's eyes locked upon him, Hiccup
          deliberately drops his shield and dagger stepping away from
          them. The dragon pauses, confused.
          ON STOICK, also confused.

          What is he doing?
          The dragon presses closer, snorting. Hiccup extends his open
          hand. It snarls.


          It's okay. It's okay.
          The dragon continues to pace, focused on... HICCUP'S HELMET.
          Hiccup realizes, then reaches up and removes it. Taking a
          breath to acknowledge the point of no return, he tosses the
          helmet aside. It hits the ground.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          I'm not one of them.
          GASPS and MURMURS race through the crowd.
          ON STOICK, as all eyes turn to him. He's welling with upset.
          Hiccup avoids Stoick's glare and remains focused on the
          Nightmare, holding his hand out. It paces around him, calming

          Stop the fight.

          No. I need you all to see this.
          The crowd gets restless.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          They're not what we think they are.
          We don't have to kill them.






          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 73.
          Stoick whacks his hammer against the iron enclosure, rattling
          the arena with a terrible reverberating clatter.
          Spooked, the Nightmare snaps at Hiccup's outstretched hand.
          Hiccup YELPS and springs backward.
          The spell is broken. The Nightmare reacts to Hiccup's sudden
          movements and blasts another stream of fire. Hiccup SCREAMS
          and barely dives out of reach.


                         ON TOOTHLESS
          His ear plates shoot up. Panic flares in his eyes.


          Hiccup scrambles around the ring. The Nightmare pursues,
          snapping and springing from ground to wall.
          Stoick pushes through the crowd, rushing to the doorway.

          Out of my way!

          Astrid wedges her axe under the arena gate and squeezes


          Toothless bounds to the cove walls, clawing them in
          desperation. It seems he's as trapped as before, but with an
          incredible BURST of effort he HOOKS a claw over the upper lip
          of the stone wall.


          A narrow stream of fire narrowly avoids Hiccup as he
          continues to dash around the ring, evading the Monstrous
          Nightmare. Desperate, he goes to the weapon rack in an
          attempt to arm himself, but the Nightmare quickly destroys
          the rack and closes in on him.


          Toothless tears through the woods, bounding like panther and
          taking to the air in short bursts.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 74.


          Stoick wrenches the grated door to the arena and jumps
          through. The Monstrous Nightmare is only a few feet behind
          Hiccup. Astrid is now in the ring.

          She picks up a hammer and hurls it at the Monstrous
          Nightmare, hitting it in the head. It turns its attention to
          Astrid, and begins chasing her. Stoick raises the arena gate,
          waving her toward it.

          This way!
          Astrid makes it through, but the Nightmare BLASTS the
          doorway, cutting Hiccup off. It pounces on him and prepares
          to finish him off.
          Suddenly, a terrible roar pierces the din.

          Night Fury! Get down!
          Toothless bounds over the crowd and BLASTS a hole through the
          chain enclosure. He flies through it and disappears in the
          boiling smoke.
          The Vikings rush to railings... in time to see a flurry of
          wings cutting through the dissipating smoke. Toothless and
          the Nightmare tumble into the clear, locked in a toothy,
          vicious fight. Toothless kicks the Nightmare off and plants
          himself between Hiccup and it.
          The Nightmare snarls, circling them. Toothless lunges and
          ROARS... causing the Nightmare to relent and back away.
          To everyone's shock and horror, Hiccup gets to his feet and
          grabs Toothless protectively.


          Alright, Toothless, go. Get out of
          The crowd is gob-smacked, growing livid.

          Night Fury!




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 75.
          Hiccup tries to shoo Toothless away in vain. Vikings begin
          pouring clambering through the enclosure and dropping into
          the ring.

          Go! GO!

          Take it alive!
          Stoick grabs an axe and charges into the arena. Astrid calls
          out to him, panicked.

          Stoick no!

          Dad! No! He won't hurt you!
          The other Vikings surround and attack Toothless. He tosses
          them aside like rag dolls, his eyes focused on Stoick.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          No, don't! You're only making it
          Stoick raises his hammer as he charges for Toothless.
          Toothless ducks and pounces on him. They tumble end over end.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Toothless! STOP!
          He pins Stoick and inhales. The familiar hiss of gas builds.
          Everyone braces...

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          Toothless swallows back the blast and turns to Hiccup, not

          Get him!
          The crowd rushes him, piling on, and taking Toothless down.
          Astrid holds Hiccup back.


          No! Please...just don't hurt him.
          Please don't hurt him.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 76.
          Stoick gets to his feet, fuming, shaken. A Viking presents
          Stoick with an axe. He eyes Toothless a moment, then pushes
          the axe back into the Viking's hands.

          Put it with the others!
          His burning glare turn to Hiccup.

          INT. GREAT HALL - DAY

                         ON HICCUP
          Being shoved into the dank, dimmed hall.
          SLAM! The massive doors rattle and echo. Stoick pushes past
          him. He paces against a backdrop of shadowy tapestries and
          carved pillars -- a legacy of heroes, all peering down in
          angered judgement.

          I should have known. I should have
          seen the signs.


          We had a deal!
          Stoick pauses to say something, but stops short. He SNORTS
          and resumes pacing, repeating the cycle.


          I know we did... but that was
          before... ughh, it's all so messed

          So everything in the ring. A
          trick? A lie?
          He stomps toward Hiccup. Stops short and points, fighting
          back words.

          I screwed up. I should have told
          you before now. Take this out on
          me, be mad at me, but please...
          just don't hurt Toothless.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 77.

          The dragon? That's what you're
          worried about? Not the people you
          almost killed?!

          He was just protecting me! He's not

          They've killed HUNDREDS OF US!

          And we've killed THOUSANDS OF THEM!
          They defend themselves, that's all!
          They raid us because they have to!
          If they don't bring enough food
          back, they'll be eaten themselves.

          There's something else on their
          island's a dragon like--
          Stoick HUFFS.

          --Their island?
          He stomps back... pointing an accusing finger.

                         STOICK (CONT'D)
          So you've been to the nest.

          Did I say nest?
          Hiccup goes silent -- he said too much.

          How did you find it?!

          No... I didn't. Toothless did.
          Only a dragon can find the island.
          Stoick GLARES. A moment passes, then an idea takes form on
          his face. His eyes flare. Hiccup watches, realizing. Stoick
          stomps toward the doorway.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Oh no. No, Dad. No.
          Hiccup chases after him, panicked.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 78.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Dad. It's not what you think. You
          don't know what you're up against.
          It's like nothing you've ever seen.
          He grabs Stoick by the arm, tugging with all his might. He
          has no effect whatsoever.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Dad. Please. I promise you that you
          can't win this one.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          No. Dad. No. For once in your life,


          He throws Hiccup off of him, SWATTING him to the floor.
          Icy stillness. Hiccup stares back, stunned.

          You've thrown your lot in with
          them. You're not a Viking.

          You're not my son.
          Stoick pushes through the door, leaving Hiccup alone,

          STOICK (CONT'D)

                         (CALLING OUT)
          Ready the ships!


          Stoick staggers on the steps, breaking inside.


          Broken-down catapults and trebuchets are bundled up and
          lowered from the cliffs.
          Below on the docks, Vikings load the heavy artillery into the
          hulls of awaiting ships. Children and the elderly gather to
          on the walkways to wave apprehensive farewells to the
          departing warriors.
          Lastly, Toothless is loaded aboard Stoick's ship, chained
          down to a palette, muzzled, and restrained with a weighty
          neck ring. He looks exhausted, miserable.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 79.
          Stoick crosses to the bow as the ship pushes off and joins
          the amassed armada of ships adrift in the harbor.
          Stoick's brow is furrowed, all warmth drained away. He turns
          west and glares at the horizon with cold determination.

          Set sail! We head for Helheim's
          He then notices HICCUP watching from his familiar cliff-side
          perch beyond the village. Their eyes meet, full of hurt and
          regret. Hiccup slowly shakes his head in warning. Stoick
          breaks the stare and turns to Toothless, fuming.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Lead us home, Devil.

                         ON HICCUP
          Watching. He's powerless to stop what is happening, but won't

                         DISSOLVE TO:

          EXT. CLIFFS - LATER

                         ON HICCUP
          Still standing there. The ships have cleared the horizon.
          CRANE UP to reveal Astrid is standing behind him. She
          approaches cautiously and stands beside him in silence.

          It's a mess.
          Hiccup doesn't respond.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          You must feel horrible. You've lost
          everything. Your father, your
          tribe, your best friend.

          Thank you for summing that up.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Why couldn't I have killed that
          dragon when I found him in the
          woods. It would have been better
          for everyone.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 80.

          Yep. The rest of us would have done

          So why didn't you?
          Hiccup just shakes his head - he really doesn't know.
          Astrid's eyes glimmer. She wants something.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          Why didn't you?

          I don't know. I couldn't.

          That's not an answer.


                         (BECOMING IRATE)
          Why is this so important to you all
          of a sudden?

          Because I want to remember what you
          say right now.

          (angry, loud)
          Oh for the love of -- I was a
          coward! I was weak. I wouldn't kill
          a dragon.

          You said 'wouldn't' that time.


                         (BLOWS UP)
          Whatever! I wouldn't! Three hundred
          years and I'm the first Viking who
          wouldn't kill a dragon!

          A BEAT.

          First to ride one, though.
          Hiccup blinks. He never looked at it that way before.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 81.


          ...I wouldn't kill him because he
          looked as frightened as I was.

          I looked at him and I saw myself.
          Astrid turns to face the open sea.

          I bet he's really frightened now.

          What are you going to do about it?

          Probably something stupid.

          Good. But you've already done that.
          Another beat.

          Then something crazy.
          Astrid smiles.

          That's more like it.


          The armada coasts toward a shroud of heavy fog, hung like
          drapes from a low-hanging, ominous sky.
          The ships enter, one by one. Visibility drops immediately.
          Flanking ships becomes ghosts. The armada disappears, drawn
          into the blinding mist. Complete whiteout. Nothing remains
          but the eerie creaking of wood on water.
          ON STOICK at the bow of his ship. He taps his fingers on the
          gunwale, then looks back at Toothless impatiently. Weighed
          down with chains, Toothless seems unresponsive.

          Sound your positions. Stay within
          Shouts pour in from all directions.

                         VIKING #1




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 82.

                         VIKING #2
          One length to your stern.

                         VIKING #3
          On your starboard flank.

                         VIKING #4
          Three widths to port.

                         VIKING #5
          Ahead, at your bow.

                         VIKING #6
          Haven't a clue.
          ON STOICK straining into the fog as the calls continue.
          Massive, jagged sea stacks begin to emerge, threatening to
          rip the ships to shreds.
          Gobber approaches him, speaking under his breath.

          Listen... Stoick... I was
          overhearing some of the men just
          now and, well, some of them are
          wondering what it is we're up to
          here -- not me of course, I know
          you're always the man with the plan
          -- but some, not me, are wondering
          if there is in fact a plan at all,
          what it might be?

          Find the nest and take it.

          Ah. Of course. Send them running.
          The old Viking fall-back. Nice and

          Stoick notices that Toothless' ear plates are at the alert,
          quietly reacting to inaudible sounds.
          Stoick crosses to the stern of the ship and grabs the tiller,
          moving the helmsman out of the way.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Step aside.
          Stoick pulls the ship into a turn, covertly following
          Toothless' head movements.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 83.
          The ship barely misses a jagged outcrop that suddenly appears
          out of the soupy fog.

          Bear to port.
          The order is called out from ship to ship.
          CRUNCH! The bow barely makes it past another sea stack.
          Stoick continues to follow Toothless' cues, undeterred.


          Hiccup raises the bolt on the Monstrous Nightmare's pen.

          FISHLEGS (O.S.)
          If you're planning on getting
          eaten, I'd definitely go with the
          Hiccup turns to see his fellow recruits, watching him with
          folded arms. Tuffnut steps forward with a scowl.

          You were wise to seek help from the
          world's most deadly weapon.

          It's me.


          I love this plan.

          I didn't...

          You're crazy.

          I like that.

          So? What is the plan?
          Hiccup smiles, glowing in the support of his friends.

          EXT. FOGGY SEA - DAY

          The ships follow in line through the gauntlet of rocks as
          orders are whispered from ship to ship.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 84.
          A dragon head looms out of the fog. The men recoil... only to
          discover that it's a wrecked ship, impaled high on a gnarled
          sea stack.

          Ah. I was wondering where that
          A clicking buzz becomes audible, growing louder. It fills the
          sky, converging in one general direction. Stoick sniffs the

          Stay low and ready your weapons.
          Stoick's ship suddenly JERKS to a halt as the keel burrows
          into shallow black sand.
          Stoick hops overboard, landing on a sprawling beach. The
          BUZZING suddenly STOPS. Above him, a craggy volcano towers
          into the gloom.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          We're here.
          Behind him, several dragon-headed bows pierce the fog.


          Hiccup steps back from the door, drawing the Monstrous
          Nightmare out of its cave. It snorts, stepping into the ring,
          calmed by Hiccup's outstretched hand -- focused on him.
          ON THE TEENS... bewildered, in awe.
          Snotlout nervously reaches for a spear laying near his foot.
          Astrid stops him.


          Hiccup slows to a stop in front of the teens, with the
          Nightmare inches from his outstretched hand.
          He reaches over and grabs Snotlout's trembling hand.

          Wait! What are you...

          Relax. It's okay... it's okay.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 85.
          Hiccup replaces his outstretched hand with Snotlout's,
          putting him in control of the massive beast. The Nightmare
          snorts, but remains calm. Snotlout, by contrast, chuckles
          nervously -- it's at once terrifying and amazing.
          The others watch, spellbound.
          Hiccup turns and walks away.

          Where are you going?!
          Hiccup pulls a bundle of rope from a supply box.

          You're going to need something to
          help you hold on.
          The teens eye each other apprehensively, and look up to
          ALL THE DRAGONS standing in the ring, facing the teens


                         CLOSE ON
          Tree trunks, being sharpened and planted into the sand at
          angled rows.
          Boulders being loaded into catapult baskets.
          And a war plan being scratched in the sand.
          STOICK looms over it, looking determined. His generals are
          at his sides.

          When we crack this mountain open,
          all hell is going to break loose.

          In my undies. Good thing I brought
          Stoick TURNS to face the men.

          No matter how this ends, it ends
          He walks toward the base of the volcano wall, back by several
          hundred warriors. He raises his arm and drops it.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 86.
          A line of catapults UNLEASH their two-ton loads into the
          cliff wall. It cracks and flakes away.
          Several more hits tear away at the hollow shell of hardened
          A final boulder shatters the fractured wall, creating a deep,
          dark opening to the cavern within.
          Silence. Stock raises his hand, makes a gesture. A flaming
          bushel is launched into the dark, lighting the wall... CHOKED

          WITH DRAGONS.
          Stoick pulls his hammer and rushes into the cave, brazen.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          (War cries and slashing efforts)
          In a chaotic flurry, the dragons suddenly rush out like bats
          from a cave. The take to the air, bypassing the axe-swinging
          Vikings and fleeing the island in a mass exodus.
          The battle-ready Vikings drop their weapons, confused.

          Is that it?
          Above the island, dragons POUR from every crevice, fleeing to
          the sky. The sound of screeching dragons fades.

          (Cheering as one)

          We've done it!
          Stoick doesn't celebrate. Something is not right. He HEARS
          something. Stoick turns to peer down the dark throat of the
          A deep, rumbling ROAR echoes from the cavern. The ground
          underfoot TREMBLES. The ships rock. Their sails fill with a
          blast of air.
          The cheering stops. Stoick's expression sinks.

          This isn't over. Form your ranks!
          Hold together!
          The men SCRAMBLE to organize themselves.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Get clear!




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 87.
          The ground CRACKS. Stone tears away, cascading like an
          avalanche. And through the settling debris, the silhouette of
          a gargantuan dragon emerges -- THE RED DEATH. Stirred and

          Beard of Thor...what is that?


          Odin help us.

          The Vikings score direct hits. The burning stones BOUNCE off
          the dragon's skin. The Red Death focuses on the catapults.
          It crushes the first one - smashing it and its crew, rattling
          the beach underfoot.
          Stoick races toward the second catapult. He LEAPS and pushes
          a Viking out of the way just before the dragon crushes him
          under his forepaw.
          The Vikings scramble in all directions.

                         VIKING #3
          Get to the ships!

          No! NO!
          The Red Death BLASTS the ships like a mile-long flamethrower.
          The sails are torched. Vikings dive overboard and masts come
          Gobber Joins Stoick.

          Heh. Smart, that one.
          Stoick looks up and down the beach for an answer.


          I was a fool.
          The monster raises its head to the sky and BELLOWS. The
          sound SHAKES the beach, knocking Vikings off their feet.
          This island is his.
          Stoick stops a Viking General.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 88.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Lead the men to the far side of the

          (turns to the others)
          Everybody to the far side of the
          The Vikings scatter into the rocks like ants. Satisfied with
          the ships destruction, The Red Death turns its attention back
          to the Vikings. They seem to have vanished. It SNIFFS the
          air, searching for their scent.
          Gobber drops in beside Stoick, like two soldiers in a trench.
          Fire blasts over head, causing them to duck.

          Gobber, go with the men.

          I think I'll stay, just in case
          you're thinking of doing something
          Stoick grabs him.


          I can buy them a few minutes if I
          give that thing someone to hunt.
          Gobber removes Stoick's hand. Clenches his forearm,

          Then I can double that time.
          Stoick grins. Friends to the bitter end. They BREAK COVER and
          dash into the open, SPLITTING UP. Stoick rips a sharpened
          post from the ground and hurls it into the monster's face.




          NO, HERE!
          It spots both of them. He fuels up to fire, glancing back and
          forth between the two men. He focuses on Stoick.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          Come on! Fight me!




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 89.

          No, me!
          The Red Death remains focused on Stoick - this is it. It
          rears back and inhales. Gas begins to amass, when...
          KABLAM! A BLAST explodes against the back of The Red Death's
          head. It turns distracted, as...
          ... a Nadder punches through the flames, banking across the
          sky. Followed by a Monstrous Nightmare, a Zippleback, and a
          Gronckle. They roll in unison, revealing the recruits riding
          on their backs. Hiccup leads, with Astrid clinging to his
          GOBBER AND STOICK, watch slack-jawed, in awe.

          Ruff, Tuff, watch your backs! Move
          The monster shakes off the blast and snaps in their wake.
          Hiccup directs his squadron out of harm's way. They climb out
          of reach and circle each other.

          Look at us, we're on a dragon!
          We're on dragons, all of us!

          Up, let's move it!
          The dragons climb past the Red Death.

          ON THE GROUND
          Gobber hobbles over to Stoick.

          Every bit the boar-headed, stubborn
          Viking you ever were.
          Stoick is speechless.

          IN THE AIR
          The group circles over the dragon's head.

          Fishlegs, break it down.

          Okay. Heavily armored skull and
          tail made for bashing and crushing.





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 90.

                         FISHLEGS (CONT'D)
          Steer clear of both. Small eyes,
          large nostrils. Relies on hearing
          and smell.

          Okay. Lout, Legs, hang in its blind
          spot. Make some noise, keep it
          confused. Ruff, Tuff, find out if
          it has a shot limit. Make it mad.

          That's my specialty.

          Since when? Everyone knows I'm
          more irritating. See.

                         (IRRITATING SOUNDS)


          Just do what I told you. I'll be
          back as soon as I can.

          Don't worry, we got it covered!

          Hiccup and Astrid peel away. The teens bank and dive toward
          the monster, splitting up. The Twins race alongside the
          monster's head, taunting it.


          Butt Elf!

          Bride of Grendel!
          The Red Death unloads a spray of fire at the twins. They
          barely dodge it.
          Fishlegs and Snotlout hang behind its eyes, banging away at
          their shields, making a racket.
          The Red Death opens all SIX of its eyes, spotting them.

          Uh, this thing doesn't have a blind




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 91.

          ... searching for Toothless. Hiccup spots him among the
          burning ships.

          He steers the Nadder over the deck and hands Astrid the
          reins. He lines up his jump... and hops off, guarding his
          face from the flames. He lands on the burning deck.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

                         (TO ASTRID)
          Go help the others!
          She and the Nadder take off.
          As Hiccup fights his way to Toothless. He unbuckles the
          muzzle. Toothless shrieks.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Okay, hold on. Hold on.
          He gets to work on the chains.

          They clang their weapons against their shields, making the
          monster wince.

          It's working.
          The huge beast starts to sway its head dizzily.

          Yeah! It's working.
          PAN DOWN to reveal that the noise is also confusing the
          Gronckle and the Monstrous Nightmare. Both dragons lose their
          The Red Death thrashes, knocking Snotlout off of his dragon
          and onto the monster's gigantic head. Snotlout bounces across
          the top and comes to a stop just shy of the hundred foot

          Fishlegs' Gronckle goes down in a spin of confusion.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 92.

          I've lost power on the Gronckle.
          Snotlout! Do something!
          He hurls Snotlout his hammer. The Gronkle crashes and skids
          to a stop...

          FISHLEGS (CONT'D)
          I'm okay!
          ... then flips over, crushing Fishlegs.

          FISHLEGS (CONT'D)

          Less okay.

          ... who eyes the Red Death's gigantic, veiny eyes. He raises
          the hammer...

          I can't miss!
          ... and hammers the monster's eyes, playing whack-a-mole.

          SNOTLOUT (CONT'D)
          What's wrong buddy, got something
          in your eye?
          Astrid flies by on her Nadder, catching Snotlout in all his

          Yeah! You're the Viking!
          Snotlout grins, finally vindicated in her eyes. In his
          distraction, he gets thrown and lands heavily on one of the
          Red Death's spines -- clinging precariously. A close call.


          ON THE GROUND
          The monster's tail sweeps across the burning ships, snapping
          masts like twigs. We follow one down as it crashes onto a
          deck, revealing...

          Working at the chains. He can't budge them. Fire licks at his
          clothes. He looks up to see...




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 93.
          THE RED DEATH blasting at the teens, enraged.
          The monster's giant foot crashes through frame, smashing the
          bow under its impressive weight.
          Hiccup and Toothless are thrown into the water in a maelstrom
          of burning planks and rigging.

          Hiccup swims toward Toothless. They're both caught in a mess
          of rigging, being dragged down. The heavy palette settles
          into the rocky bottom like an anchor. Toothless has stopped
          struggling. Hiccup takes one more hopeless tug at the chains -
          he's almost out of air.
          Suddenly, a meaty hand grabs Hiccup.
          STOICK explodes to the surface, pulling Hiccup to the
          shoreline through flaming debris. He lays him down, under the
          shelter of an overhanging rock.


          Stoick dives back into the water between flaming flotsam.

          ON TOOTHLESS, drowning. Stoick appears in front of him.
          Toothless freezes. Stoick tears the chains off of the yoke
          and lets it float free.
          Momentary stillness. They eye each other, through the churned
          up bubbles. Toothless lunges out of the bars -- grabbing
          BOOM! In an explosion of sea water, Toothless lands on the
          shore, setting Stoick down and releasing him. Hiccup is awed.
          The ground rumbles underfoot. The monster screeches. Its
          massive claws stomp around in the smoke.
          Stoick gives way as Toothless mounts the rock and raises his
          wings. He turns to Hiccup and SNORTS - ‘Let's go.'

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          You got it, bud.
          Hiccup climbs onto Toothless and buckles himself in.
          Stoick grabs his arm.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 94.

          Hiccup. I'm sorry...for


          You don't have to go up there.

          We're Vikings. It's an occupational
          They exchange smiles.

          I'm proud to call you my son.
          Hiccup beams, taken aback.

          Thanks dad.
          Stoick lets go of Hiccup's arm.
          Hiccup spurs Toothless on, charged with his father's belief
          in him. They rocket into the sky as Stoick watches.

          IN THE AIR
          Astrid sees Toothless streaking through the sky, gaining

          He's up!
          She turns to Ruffnut and Tuffnut, who are ARGUING and
          THROWING PUNCHES at each other.

          ASTRID (CONT'D)
          Get Snotlout out of there!
          IN MID-PUNCH, the twins look over to see Snotlout stranded on
          the monster's head. They eye each other.

                         TUFFNUT RUFFNUT
          I'm on it! I'm on it!

          I'm on it first! I'm ahead of you.
          The twins spot Snotlout on the giant dragon and steer their
          Zippleback in his direction.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 95.

          Hey! Let me drive!
          The twins peel off, ARGUING as they race each other to the
          Snotlout sees the Zippleback diving toward him and DASHES
          down the Red Death's head. He runs up the end of its horn...
          As the twins sweep past, both missing him... but perfectly
          snatching him where the necks merge. Ruff and Tuff eye each
          other, surprised and impressed.

          I can't believe that worked.
          The Red Death spots Astrid and INHALES, preparing to blast.
          She and her Nadder get caught in the suction, pulled toward
          the monster's gaping mouth.

          ON THE GROUND
          The Vikings watch with dread. They hear the familiar whir of

          Night Fury! Get down!

          IN THE AIR
          A massive BLAST jolts the Red Death's head sideways. Astrid
          is thrown clear of its mouth... AND her Nadder. She tumbles
          through the air. The ground races toward her, when...
          She's suddenly CAUGHT by the leg. She looks up to see

          Did you get her?
          Toothless grunts.

          ON THE GROUND
          They fly over the crowd of Vikings and set Astrid down, mid-
          run. They circle back to reengage - a black speck against the



          IN THE AIR




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 96.
          Hiccup and Toothless rocket past the Red Death's head and
          climb, higher and higher.


                         (TO TOOTHLESS)
          That thing has wings! Okay, let's
          see if it can use them!
          Hiccup pulls Toothless into a turn. They plummet, gaining
          tremendous speed. The wind buffets them as they target the
          Red Death as super sonic speed.
          KABLAM! Toothless unloads a fireball against the Red Death's
          head. It goes down with a rumble as they climb anew.

          ON THE GROUND
          The Vikings shield themselves from the dust of the fallen
          monster... as its wings unfold and extend.

          IN THE AIR
          Hiccup looks back as they put distance between them.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Do you think that did it?
          Suddenly, the enraged behemoth RISES into frame... flapping
          its wings furiously. A daunting sight.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Well, he can fly.
          Hiccup and Toothless DIVE into the tangled sea stacks - they
          weave through the rock like rabbits through a briar. The Red
          Death SNAPS at them, but cannot reach them. Hiccup and
          Toothless PULL AHEAD.
          The Red Death SMASHES through the canopy of rock and pulls in
          behind Toothless. He BURSTS THROUGH fifty-foot formations
          like they were saplings.

          ON THE GROUND
          Stoick, Gobber, and the Teens watch as Hiccup and Toothless
          streak past, weaving through sea stacks.

          Woohoo! Yeah!
          A moment later the Red Death SMASHES the sea stacks to dust
          in hot pursuit. The Vikings mood is quenched.

          IN THE AIR




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 97.
          Hiccup and Toothless can't slow the monster down. Hiccup eyes
          the clouds above. An idea hits him. He locks eyes with

          Okay Toothless, time to disappear.
          Toothless PULLS into a steep climb, heading toward the

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Come on bud!
          The Red Death follows, closing in fast.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          (hearing the gas)
          Here it comes!
          BLAST! They narrowly dodge a column of flame and smoke. They
          reach the low-hanging clouds and pierce them. The monster
          follows, immediately losing them in the hampered visibility.
          It roars irritably.
          From out of nowhere, Toothless DIVES at the huge dragon,
          BLASTING and PUNCTURING a hole in its wing. Toothless and
          Hiccup are gone again before the dragon can get a shot at

          ON THE GROUND
          The Vikings stare up at the sky listening to the resounding
          BOOMS and watching FLASHES light up the clouds.
          Gobber places a hand on Stoick's shoulder.

          IN THE AIR
          HICCUP and TOOTHLESS dive in again and again, using the
          clouds to hide and surprise as they puncture the monster's
          It BELLOWS in frustration and WHIRLS around, unleashing fire
          blindly, in all directions.
          Hiccup sees the glow of fire cutting towards them.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Watch out!
          The random blast CLIPS Toothless' tail. It's heavily damaged.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 98.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Okay, time's up. Let's see if this
          He pulls Toothless into a turn. They fly directly into the
          Red Death's face, taunting it.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Come on! Is that the best you can
          Toothless utters an insult too, and they jackknife into a
          steep dive. The Red Death pursues.
          Toothless PUMPS his wings, racing faster than he's ever gone
          before. Hiccup and Toothless stay just ahead of the Red Death
          -- no longer trying to evade it.
          Hiccup glances back to check the tail - it's disintegrating.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Stay with me buddy. We're good.
          Just a little bit longer.
          The Red Death closes the gap. Hiccup tucks in and holds
          Toothless steady -- allowing the monster to set its sights on
          them. It narrows its eyes.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Hold, Toothless.
          The Red Death OPENS his mouth. The familiar gas HISS emanates
          from his throat -- ignition is coming.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          Hiccup HITS the PEDALS HARD as Toothless extends one wing.
          They PIVOT in place, hurtling directly into the Red Death's
          Toothless FIRES point blank down the monster's throat. Its
          amassing gas is ignited, BACKFIRING into the monster,
          erupting in a chain of blasts throughout its body.
          Hiccup and Toothless BURST from the clouds, the Red Death hot
          on their tail, exploding from within. It glances forward and
          sees the ground rushing up. It throws open its wings,
          attempting to put on the brakes, but the punctured, damaged
          wings can't stop its momentum.
          As the Red Death chokes on the expanding fireball, he sees
          Toothless suddenly pull out of the dive, streaking up, past
          its head.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 99.
          The Red Death HITS the ground, head-first. It EXPLODES like
          the Hindenburg.
          Hiccup and Toothless weave through the monster's massive back
          plates, wings, and flailing legs -- a high-speed recall of
          the FREE FALL slalom run. The expanding fireball races toward
          them, about to swallow them.
          They manage to clear the obstacles. Hiccup glances back.
          They're outrunning the fireball.
          He looks forward just in time to see the monster's massive
          club tail careening toward them.
          He tries to shift their direction. The last shreds of
          Toothless' tail tear away. Hiccup's pedals go DEAD.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          No. No.
          Hiccup and Toothless can't maneuver - they're dead in the
          air. The giant club tail CLIPS Toothless, TEARING Hiccup from
          the harness and sending him tumbling against the backdrop of
          the fast-approaching fireball.
          Toothless STRUGGLES with all his might to reach the
          unconscious Hiccup. But the fireball swallows them both.

          ON THE GROUND
          The Vikings watch in horror as Hiccup and Toothless disappear
          into the boiling inferno.

                         DISSOLVE TO:
          A whiteout of ash. And through it comes...

          Hiccup? Hiccup!?
          Stoick appears, searching desperately. Everything is
          scorched. Even the ground is smoking from the terrible heat.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Hiccup!? Son!?
          Through the ash, Stoick the motionless silhouette of

          STOICK (CONT'D)





          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 100.
          He hurries to the dragon's side. Toothless is roughed up, but
          conscious. His scorched saddle, however, is vacant.
          Stoick looks to the sky in despair. He buckles at the knees,
          overwhelmed by the loss.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          Oh son...I did this...
          Astrid pushes through the crowd, her eyes welling up.
          Followed by Gobber. They flank Stoick as he kneels, slumped
          Behind them, a ring of Vikings form, keeping a respectful
          distance. As the dust and smoke clear, a ring of wild
          dragons can also be seen, gathering just behind and between
          the Vikings.
          Toothless stirs and groggily rolls his head toward Stoick.
          Their eyes meet.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          I'm so sorry...
          Toothless unfolds his wings, revealing Hiccup, unconscious,
          clutched safely against his chest. Stoick's eyes widen.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          He scoops Hiccup into his arms. Listens to his heart. Bursts
          into relieved laughter.

          STOICK (CONT'D)
          He's alive!

                         (TO TOOTHLESS)
          You brought him back alive!
          The crowd roars. Followed by the dragons. The Vikings look
          around to find themselves surrounded.
          Stoick leans close to Toothless, meeting him eye to eye.

          STOICK (CONT'D)

          Thank you... for saving my son.
          Gobber looks Hiccup up and down.

          Well, you know... most of him.
          Stoick glances back at him. Gobber shrugs, redirecting his
          eyes toward...




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 101.


                         CLOSE ON
          HICCUP, asleep, his head on a pillow. Healing scars on his
          face show that maybe a week or two have passed.
          Toothless hovers over him, WHINING and GRUMBLING impatiently.
          Hiccup stirs. Opens his eyes.


          Oh, hey Toothless.
          Toothless excitedly nuzzles and nudges Hiccup.

                         HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Okay, okay! I'm happy to see you
          too, bud. Now just--
          Toothless steps on his groin, causing Hiccup to sit BOLT
          UPRIGHT with a YELP.
          He looks around, confounded. He's in his bed, moved beside
          the fire pit on the main floor of his house.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          I'm in my house.
          (re: Toothless, leaning
          over him, excited)
          You're in my house.
          Toothless TEARS around the room, knocking things over, far
          too big for the space.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Uh...does my dad know you're in
          Toothless pauses at the foot of the bed, tongue wagging. He
          eyes the rafters... and LEAPS UP onto them, brimming with
          'happy dog' energy.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)

          Okay, okay -- no Toothless! Aw,
          come on...
          Hiccup shifts to get out of bed... then pauses... sensing
          that something is wrong.
          He peels back the covers slowly. What he sees startles,
          horrifies, and overwhelms him -- all at once.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 102.

          His booted foot touches down. Followed by a mechanical
          prosthetic in place of his second leg. It's an ingenious
          spring-loaded replacement, made of wood and iron.
          Toothless lands by the bed and approaches calmly, sniffing
          the new leg. He raises his eyes to meet Hiccup's, seemingly
          aware of what Hiccup is going through.
          Hiccup braces himself on the bedpost and tries to stand on
          it. He winces and stifles the pain...

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          ... but STUMBLES with the first step. Toothless catches
          Hiccup's fall with his head... and slowly lifts him up,
          stabilizing him.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Thanks bud.
          Hiccup leans on him like a crutch. They take a few steps
          Their missing parts form a poetic silhouette as they make
          their way toward the door.
          Hiccup pries it open (as he did in the opening scene),
          revealing a MONSTROUS NIGHTMARE flapping outside the door.
          Hiccup YELPS and slams the door closed. He turns to
          Toothless, alarmed.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Toothless? Stay here, bud.
          Hiccup pauses... and cracks the door open again. He peeks
          outside, his eyes widening. He allows to door to swing open,
          ... the Monstrous Nightmare, carrying Snotlout on its back.

          Come on guys, get ready! Hold on
          tight! Here we go!
          A class of newbie dragon riders follow him through frame on a
          variety of dragons, pulling back the curtain on an amazing
          vista in which:




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 103.
          Vikings and dragons mill about by the dozen, basking on the
          rooftops, weaving along the plaza. No one seems upset, there
          isn't a sword in sight.
          Under the framework of a MASSIVE BARN, a Nadder BLASTS fire
          onto a metal brace. It steps back to let a Viking hammer it
          into shape. Nearby, a Gronkle lands, carrying a tree trunk in
          his mouth. He shows a Viking what he's found. The Viking pats
          his head. Another Viking backs a Zippleback into a stall to
          check it for size.
          Hiccup takes a step outside, finding Stoick waiting for him
          on the step.

          I knew it. I'm dead.
          Stoick laughs.

          No, but you gave it your best shot.
          He puts his arm around Hiccup, steadying him. He gestures to
          the transformed village.

                         STOICK (CONT'D)
          So? What do you think?
          Hiccup just shrugs, amazed.
          Below, the plaza, villagers take notice.

                         VIKING #1
          Hey look! It's Hiccup!
          They rush over, surrounding him with a hero's welcome.

                         VIKING #2
          Hiccup, how you doin' mate?

                         VIKING #3
          It's great to see you up and about.


          Turns out all we needed was a
          little more of...

                         (GESTURES NON-SPECIFICALLY

                         AT HICCUP)
          ... this.


                         (PLAYING ALONG)
          You just gestured to all of me.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 104.

          GOBBER (O.S.)
          Well. Most of you.
          Gobber pushes through the crowd, beaming proudly.

          GOBBER (CONT'D)
          (re: the prosthetic leg)
          That bit's my handiwork. With a
          little Hiccup flare thrown in.
          Think it'll do?

          (bittersweet, coming to

          I might make a few tweaks.
          Astrid appears and jabs Hiccup in the arm. Hiccup recoils
          with a grumble.

          That's for scaring me.


          What, is it always going to be this
          way? Cause I...
          She grabs him aggressively... then kisses him. Hoots and
          hollers follow.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          ... could get used to it.
          Gobber presents Hiccup with a rebuilt saddle, rigging, and

          Welcome home.
          Suddenly, Toothless pounces on the crowd, crushing several
          unsuspecting Vikings under his weight.

          Night Fury, get down!
          Toothless eyes the new tail excitedly, tongue wagging. Amidst
          the groans and grumbles, Hiccup and Astrid exchange a
          sheepish grin.

                         CLOSE ON

                         CLOSE ON
          Hiccup's prosthetic foot, snapping into the modified stirrup.




          "Dragon" DeBlois/Sanders Final Draft (Rev.19) 02-13-2010 105.
          The two pieces click together, forming a single shape.
          Astride Toothless, he's whole again. He rotates the pedal.
          The new tail opens. Bright red with a skull and Viking horns
          emblazoned on it. Hiccup approves.

          CUT BACK TO REVEAL...
          Hiccup and Toothless, saddled up and ready to fly. Astrid
          backs her Nadder into position.


                         (TO TOOTHLESS)
          You ready?
          Toothless SNORTS an excited 'yes!'
          From his mount, Hiccup looks out over the changed world.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          This... is Berk.

          It snows nine months of the year...
          and hails the other three.
          They LEAP into the bright blue sky, together as one. Astrid
          follows, giving chase.

          HICCUP (CONT'D)
          Any food that grows here is tough
          and tasteless. The people that grow
          here are even more so.
          Hiccup and Astrid race their dragons through the village --
          under eaves, over rooftops, down cliff-sides, and between
          ship masts. It's a high energy, romantic dance of sorts.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)
          The only upsides are the pets.
          While other places have...ponies or
          parrots, we have...
          Their fellow recruits join them as they take to the open sky,
          rocketing far above the village. The Northern sky swirls with
          blazing, multicolored dragons.
          Hiccup and Toothless break from the pack, spinning into the
          blinding sun.

          HICCUP (V.O.) (CONT'D)

          ... dragons.

          FADE TO WHITE