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I am a beginning actor that is locking for a job in a theater or a dinner theater. The only problem is that I am only 14 and a job like an actor at a dinner theater is pretty much out of the question. How do I get into a community theater? --Steve



You're on the right track, Steve - community theater is where you should be looking at this point in your career. So to answer your question, simply put, you have to attend any auditions the community theaters in your area may be holding. How do you find these auditions? Many community theaters will list auditions or season schedules in local papers. Call them up and find out what shows they are casting for this season. Perhaps you can also volunteer your time to get a better feel for how their theater works.

If you can't find theaters in your paper, do a search in your phone book or on the internet for community theaters in your area. Also make sure that you have a good headshot, resume, 2 monologues (comedic and dramatic), and 2 songs (up-tempo and ballad) ready for any audition that may arise. In no time you'll find yourself on a stage in your community performing for all your friends and loved ones!