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Question: Do agents look for minimum heights when it comes to signing male actors? --Adam



Hi Adam,

Some certainly do. Of course, the limits are imposed less by performing arts agencies than by modeling agencies. Modeling agencies will have height minimums (usually 5'8" for women, 6' for men) for print ads, runway modeling, and other non-acting appearances.

For acting, most agencies are much less concerned with height than they are "total marketability." Are you someone whose talent they feel they can get behind and market to casting directors? If so, that's really key.

That said, there ARE agencies that specialize in commercial acting, and there are some restrictions on height in that market (though not nearly as many as there are in straight-out modeling agencies). A friend of mine is 6', but his agent told him to put 5'11" on his resum´┐Ż because--get this--Japanese car companies will not consider men over 5'11" for their auto ads that will run internationally. A man of that height is considered too tall to sell their product.

So, don't try to be any height other than the height you are. If there's a market for your talent, you'll find the right agent to represent you, at whatever height!


Bonnie Gillespie is a Los Angeles casting columnist, the owner of Cricket Feet Management, and the author of Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews.