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Question: How do you like the submissions you receive in the mail to look? What size envelope? Do you like breif cover letters? How do you keep from bending the headshots in the mail? I actually have been acting for awhile, but have never done my own submissions. I'm curious as to most people's preferences. --Erica



For submitting your headshot and resume, my personal preference is the open-window 8x10 envelop. These are envelops that allow your headshot to be viewed without having to actually open the envelop. For any given project, I receive so many submissions that simply due to time, I may not get to open all the headshots. So naturally, if I can glance at an open-window envelop and see the actor's picture, I can make an immediate decision as to whether they are right for the part based on their looks.

This puts them at an advantage over the pictures I might not have even gotten a chance to see. I don't take the time to read cover letters although I do understand that some casting directors appreciate the extra effort. It certainly can't hurt. If you're going to include a brief cover letter, try to add some of your personality to it and make it your own! You really can't do much to prevent headshots from bending in the mail, and it's not something that happens often.

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