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Question: I am not an actor by trade but may have an opportunity to appear in a movie. It is a small part but will require some nudity, nothing graphic or explicit. The project would require 2 days of shooting. My question is this... I have no idea what is a reasonable expected pay scale for this. Can someone tell me what kind of pay I should expect for something like this? --Danielle



From the information you provided, I'm assuming this is a non-sag film. Most non-sag films, 9 times out of 10, are no pay or deferred pay (you'd make a percentage of the movie's profits). If pay wasn't discussed up front, it's safe to assume it's a non-paying gig. However, if this is a sag film, and if you were a sag actor, the producers would be required to pay you the minimum sag rate, which is currently $466 a day for a low-budget film (budget under 2 million dollars - yes, according to sag, 2 million is considered low-budget!) or $655 for a higher budgeted film.

For more information on actor pay rates, please see the Actors Pay Scale.