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I want to move to LA, and pursue a professional career as a stage & TV actress. But would having a tattoo hurt my chances? I already have one. Should I hide it when going to auditions? I believe I could have a chance at a career, but is my one little tattoo going to overshadow me? -- Colette



Hi Colette, Body art shouldn't negatively affect your career. The exception is if your body art covers so much of your visible areas, that you become unqualified for a role because a script clearly calls for someone without such visible art.

Remember also that you can cover up body art with foundation or makeup if necessary.

Some folks in society may prejudge you based on your body art. Casting agents, however, will not.

To be on the safe side, be sure to understand any character roles you're being cast for. For example, if you're going to be cast for "Jenny from the Beach" and you are required to wear a bathing suit; then it'd be a good idea to divulge you have visible body art.

- by the Team at ActorPoint