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Question: I have heard that sometimes films and soap operas hold auditions in several different cities across the U.S., even though they may be based in New York or LA. I am wondering how I might find out about when and where such auditions are. I am particularly interested in auditions for soap operas that might be held in the Chicago area. --Jeanie



Hi Jeanie,

In Chicago, you should hear about major auditions coming to your area. Make sure that you keep up with the various Chicago-based online communities for actors as well as staying involved in acting classes. They tend to be very well-informed, when it comes to scouting trips being made by casting directors.

Also, if soaps are your main area of interest, check into They have all sorts of message boards and discussion forums in which insider information is shared on a regular basis..

Finally, I would recommend that you submit your headshot and resum´┐Ż to New York and Los Angeles-based soap casting directors to let them know that you are interested in being on their radar screen, so-to-speak. You never know when your look might spark interest in a casting director who is planning a scouting trip!

Can't hurt!


Bonnie Gillespie is a Los Angeles casting columnist, the owner of Cricket Feet Management, and the author of Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews.