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Question: I have been acting in the Colorado area for many years, and am thinking about finally biting the bullet and moving to LA. What is the first, and most important thing I should do when I get there? --Joshywa



Excellent question Josh!

It is assumed that you have financial security and a place for you to live all planned out so I am answering your question regarding the acting. If you don't I'd suggest nothing less than $10,000 dollars. In relation to acting, the answer is "scouting". Take it easy for the first couple of months and "scout" the town. Get to know the studio and casting offices locations. You can see you'll need some extra money to do all this. Constantly scrambling around trying to find the building you're auditioning in, and beating the clock along the way will make you crazy. It is much better to know exactly where you're going so you can get there with easily, accommodate traffic if you need to, as well as getting there on time.

Highest Regards,
Jason Seitz