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Question: I have problems staying focused and concentrated when I'm performing. Do you have any tips that could help me in this area? --Jennifer



Commitment. When you are in a scene you must understand that you are in that scene, and in doing so, commit. If you don't your performance will be lacking not only for the audience, but for you as well. Close out everything happening around you, put yourself in that moment, and let what is happening in that scene effect you. You will always see them, possibly hear them, but if you are truly committed to each moment of the scene you shouldn't have a problem being distracted.

As an actor It is your job to communicate what is happening in each moment, so try not to let yourself sway away from that. If distraction isn't a characteristic of the role you are developing you shouldn't be communicating it. Try practicing with some friends and start all over if you need to, and get through the piece without distraction. This will help you stay focused and committed while effectively communicating each moment and staying true to the piece without even realizing it. Just 'be' in that moment.

Highest Regards,
Jason Seitz